Data Center Racking, Cabinets & Accessories

You wouldn’t buy a car and just leave it sitting around without taking care of it and protecting, right? You definitely would not buy network equipment and just leave it sitting around on the floor or stacked on boxes where it is not secure or safe, would you? Of course not!

Having the right data center layout and network racking setup is just as important as the switches and cabling you use in your data center and business. We have a huge selection of all of the racking components you need to get organized and to keep your data center from getting cluttered.

Server Gear

If you are an office of more than 2 to 3 people, chances are good that you have (or desperately need) a server. Servers are one of the most critical pieces of any network as they perform an incredibly wide range of tasks – everything from sharing files, managing network services, managing remote access, increasing reliability, centralizing security control, and much more. At their essence, servers were designed to manage, store, send, and process data. Servers can be purchased in an almost limitless number of configurations. They come in various form factors and can be highly customizable. Since the options are many, it’s important to have a good understanding of your needs so that you can select (or build) a server that is suited to your unique demands. Here at CK, we offer a wide range of preconfigured servers. We also have a super simple quote form if you need something a little more customized! In addition to servers, we offer server hard drives, memory, and accessories. All purchases come with our industry-best Advance Replacement Lifetime Warranty!

SFP Transceivers

Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) transceivers are small but mighty devices which are a critical component of any data center as they allow for the transmission of data between devices. These small modules contain both a transmitter and a receiver in the same physical device. The transmitter component works to convert electrical signal into optical signal that is then transmitted through a fiber cable to another device. The receiver component of the SFP acts to convert optical signal back to an electrical signal, thus facilitating data transmission between devices. The technology behind SFP modules has progressed rapidly in recent years and there are now a wide variety of SFP’s to choose from. SFP's can vary by speed, wavelength, interface type, transmission distance, and more.

Here at CablesAndKits, we carry a wide range of SFP products and are certain to have just the right one to suit your needs! We offer SFP’s that transmit data at speeds of 1G, 10G, and even 40G! In addition, we offer Cisco original transceivers as well as CablesAndKits transceivers that are fully Cisco compatible and come with our industry-best Advance Replacement Lifetime Warranty. In addition to stand alone transceiver modules, we also carry a wide variety of Optical Attach Cables and Direct Attach Cables.

Transceiver Brands: CISCO Transceivers | HP Transceivers | Dell Transceivers | Aruba Transceivers

Fiber Optic Cables

Today’s business communication needs are changing rapidly and moving at the speed of light…literally. With more and more data and video requirements entering businesses and providers offering higher and higher speeds, what worked before is not always still the best choice when considering fiber optics solutions. Not to mention a majority of business applications are communicating with cloud services now more than ever. You need cables that give you the reliability, safety, and speed to keep your business process running smoothly and your users happy.

When it comes to fiber cables, we have you and your data center covered. From our standard fiber cables to our Premium Corning® Fiber cables, with multiple connector combinations and a variety of boot types for high-density network infrastructure setups, we have the fiber optics cable that will give your business the speed it needs.

Our new Premium Corning® fiber cables provide the highest level of safety with their LSZH jacketing and sustained reliability with Corning fiber glass to give you an even lower data packet loss. These cables are designed to run your network with the highest performance.

Ethernet Patch Cables & Patch Panels

When you think of Ethernet, you probably immediately think of Cat5e, Cat6, and possibly Cat6a cables. And you would be right. Ethernet has been the LAN solution of choice for years, but Ethernet has evolved just like your network and data center. You need cables that are stronger, faster, easier to run, and easier to use.

Data Centers and business networks can be challenging environments. With this in mind, you need Ethernet cables that help you face these challenges head on. With Easyboot (Ferrari-style) cables you will be able to easily connect and disconnect cables in hard to reach and crowded patch panels with their tabbed boot. Slim run Ethernet cables provide you with a high-density solution to give you the speed you need with lower packet losses and help declutter your data center and network closets at the same time.

From UTP to STP, from Half-moon boot to Easyboot to Slim run, we have the Ethernet solution for your business.


Switches are one of the most critical building blocks of your data center. They allow various devices within your network to communicate. For instance, they are used to connect computers, printers, phones, cameras, lights, servers, and many other devices. They come in two forms: managed and unmanaged. A managed switch gives you a high degree of control, flexibility, and capacity as managed switches can be configured, monitored, and adjusted either locally or remotely. Unmanaged or “fixed configuration” switches offer a level of simplicity. These switches do not require setup or installation, but rather work right out of the box. Unmanaged switches are common in home offices and small businesses. Having switches that allow your data center to function smoothly can help your business increase productivity, trim expenses, and increase security and customer service which ultimately leads to increased profitability. Here are some of our most popular switches.


While switches allow different devices within your network to communicate with each other, routers allow your network to communicate with other networks. Routers are also responsible for connecting computers on the networks to the Internet. We offer a wide variety of Cisco routers for small and mid-sized businesses all the way to businesses with a need for enterprise-class features.


Advances in technology and greater levels of connectivity come with a lot of benefits, but also an increased need to protect your network with a firewall. Firewalls help to protect your sensitive data from being accessed by unauthorized users. Our Cisco ASA5500 and ASA5500-X series firewalls offer enterprise level security at a budget-friendly price. Cisco ASA devices are not simply firewalls, but rather they are comprehensive security devices that utilize antivirus protection, intrusion prevention, VPN technology, and firewall capabilites to give you unparalleled network protection.


You have to have a stable power source and power supply for your data center and network to run properly and smoothly. Power cords, PDU's and Power adaptors are all part of that process. We are pretty sure you will find any and every power cord or power accessory you might need for your network, from C13 to 5-15P, from server power cords to switches, from rackmounts to power strips, we have it all. All colors, lengths, and brands. We are more than sure you will find what you need at the best price.

Cable Management

Besides keeping your network racks looking neat and clean, there are many reasons to have proper cable management in your data center and network closets.

Troubleshooting & Ease of Use - These are probably no-brainers for anyone who has ever tried to track down a bad cable or work on network device in a tight space. Using cable ties and cable rings help keep your ethernet, power, and fiber cables secure and out of your way when you are troubleshooting. Plus, you can easily organize your cables by use or type with colored straps or ties.

Safety - You want to do everything possible to keep your data safe and secure on your network, but you will also want to keep your network equipment and cabling safe so that data can keep flowing. Proper cable management helps keep your connections secure. Tangled cables can lead to kinks and packet loss within the cables and even can be a hazard for your IT staff by leading to tripping or pulling equipment off the rack.

Find the right cable management tools and products that are the perfect fit for your network setup.

Why Choose CK for Data Center Procurement
Lifetime Warranty
All of our products include a lifetime warranty. Our guarantee ensures every aspect of your data center is protected and stronger than ever.
Strategic Sourcing
Your dream data center will become a reality. We're your partner in procurement and our team will search the globe to find the parts you need.
Dedicated Support
Your dedicated support staff is there for you every step of the way. You will have a team at your side from qualifying to fulfillment and far beyond.

Top Products

Cat6 Slim Ethernet Patch Cable, Snagless, 5 ft, Blue

Cat6 Slim Ethernet Patch Cable, Snagless, 5 ft, Blue


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SFP-10G-SR, Cisco 10GBase-SR SFP+ Modules, Refurbished, Original

SFP-10G-SR, Cisco 10GBase-SR SFP+ Modules, Refurbished, Original


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Cisco Catalyst 3560 Series PoE 48 Port Switch, WS-C3560G-48PS-S, Refurbished, Original

Cisco Catalyst 3560 Series PoE 48 Port Switch, WS-C3560G-48PS-S, Refurbished, Original


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CAB-TA-NA AC Power Cord - US, Cisco Compatible, Black, 8ft

CAB-TA-NA AC Power Cord - US, Cisco Compatible, Black, 8ft


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Cisco 3750G Series 48 Port PoE Switch, WS-C3750G-48PS-S, Refurbished, Original

Cisco 3750G Series 48 Port PoE Switch, WS-C3750G-48PS-S, Refurbished, Original


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