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OM4 Multimode Fiber Optic Cables

We get it, with so many options from CablesAndKits how are you supposed to decide which fiber optic cables are right for you?

OM4 fiber cables are a more improved version of the popular OM3 fiber optic cables. With the ability to support 40Gbps up to 150 meters of Ethernet, OM4 Multimode is the perfect choice for long fiber installations in business, office buildings, and schools.

With the new high-density uniboot and push-pull tab fiber cables, the slim cable and boot design, give you the high performance of standard connectors but make high-density cable deployments easy and cable management simple.

OM4 Specs

  • Core Size: 50 Micron
  • Cladding Size: 125 Micron
  • Mode: Multimode
  • Color: Aqua or Violet
  • Connector Types: Standard, Push-Pull Tab, or Uniboot
  • Fire Rating: OFNR
  • Media

    What's the difference between OM4 and other fiber types?

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