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Reasons to Move Your Business to a Fiber Connection

Why Move Your Business to Fiber?

Every business needs strong lines of communications, but what setup is best for yours? A lot of small and medium businesses assume that they need simple networking equipment and setups. These assumptions can be gravely mistaken.

These days, fiber networking is more affordable and accessible than ever before, and it offers massive benefits for virtually any business. You can look at these five reasons to upgrade to fiber to really see what is available.


Fiber communication lines produce the most stable connections you can find. In any network, packet loss happens, and it’s one of the major challenges that has to be overcome in order to make a network stable.

While most communication modes are more stable than they were in the past, fiber still reigns supreme in this regard. Any business that relies on uptime and signal integrity will benefit massively from an upgrade to fiber.

Stability gains alone more than pay for fiber optics investments for many businesses, especially those that provide professional or technological services.

Data Rates

It’s pretty well-known that fiber provides the fastest data rates. Fiber connections can transmit substantially more information each second than other connection types. It makes sense from a mechanical point of view. Fiber optics use signals made out of light, so there is nothing that can travel faster.

On top of that, the stability of fiber translates into higher data speeds. Since there are fewer packet losses, there is less time lost resending the packets that didn’t make it the first time.

Because of this, it’s the primary resource for cloud services, data centers, and communications companies.

But, since the cost of fiber has come down a lot over the years, many other companies are investing and benefiting from the speeds.


If fiber networks can handle higher data rates with more stability, it stands to reason that they have higher total networking capacities too.

You see this in real-world applications. Major internet service providers (ISPs) use fiber as the backbone of their infrastructure. Typically, only the last few hundred feet of an ISP network is run with copper cables. The rest is handled by fiber.

So, you can invest in fiber and build capacity into your infrastructure. You don't have to do it all at once. Once the fiber is present, you can upgrade nodes and devices as needed to handle more traffic and greater performance demands. Your network can grow alongside your business.


One of the most important aspects of fiber optics networking is signal reinforcement. Light signals travel through fiber lines. These lines prevent the light from escaping or rapidly dissipating over distances. On top of that, fiber cables use signal reinforcement at points along the line to keep the signal strong and reliable.

This is a major reason why fiber connections are so stable. It’s also why they are the best for long-range communication. Any vital communication that spans a distance greater than 100 meters is best served by fiber.


It’s easy to underestimate the security value of fiber optics. Compare it to Wi-Fi for a simple example. Anyone in range of a Wi-Fi network can communicate with your devices and potentially use that communication to cause harm.

Fiber uses dedicated lines. To break into that communication stream, a person would have to physically connect to the fiber line. That’s not easily done.

While the same can be said for copper lines, they are much easier to intercept than fiber. Copper communications are standardized in ways that make unauthorized access a lot more plausible. With fiber, unauthorized direct connections are rarely a threat.

Fiber networking has a lot to offer any business. If you’re in a position where you’re considering upgrading your networking infrastructure, then you’ve already seen the value these upgrades will bring. Get estimates on fiber upgrades. You might find that they are affordable and provide the performance improvements your business clearly needs right now.

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