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What are Ferrari-Style Ethernet Cables? | All About Ethernet
What are Ferrari-Style Ethernet Cables?

The all-new Ferrari-style Boot Ethernet Patch cables

Managing data centers and comparably powerful networks comes with a slew of daily challenges. The need for redundancy and absolute uptime can force any administrator to expend copious resources on equipment and manpower. As a consequence, you will always be looking for ways to relieve this strain. You’ll find opportunities in every nook and cranny of your operation, but many admins completely miss one of the easiest sources of gain. A simple switch or upgrade in your Ethernet cables can boost your cost-efficiency in several surprising ways.

What’s in a Boot?

When you consider cables, your top concerns are often data rates, energy loss and cost. The often overlooked value in Ethernet cabling is in their utility. This comes down to the molded boot. Ferrari boots (Easyboots) are simply undervalued. The molding is thinner than typical Cat5 or Cat6 connectors, and it is specifically engineered to connect faster and with fewer snags. You can see it in the swept angle of the boot itself. When compared to a traditional half-moon, it is obvious why the Ferrari won’t snag.

It’s easy to dismiss how much such a simple thing can impact network management, but in data-intensive operations, the need for flexibility and smooth switching is vital.

Ferrari boots don’t just add convenience to simple plug and play mechanics. They’re designed to glide through tight fits. Running cables through walls or tightly packed conduits will quickly reveal to you that the boot is possibly the most important feature on a networking cable. When you thread it quickly and effortlessly, you’ll realize just how much time and trouble is being saved, and you’ll never look back.

Powerful Throughput

Of course, a sleek boot is meaningless if your cables aren’t up to snuff. Fortunately for you, Easyboots are available on every standard Ethernet connection. That means they can help you run 10Gbps lines to places that might have previously seemed out of reach. They are fully compatible with all Cat5 and Cat6 junctions, and the pure, bare copper design is ideal for improving speeds over long distance.

Ferrari-style Ethernet cables are worth so much more than their base transmission speeds and easy connection. They also feature advanced signal featuring. When communications get dense, lesser connections will fall prey to crosstalk and interference. Cat6 Ferrari cables are engineered for the express purpose of eliminating this problem. The superior filtering allows you to cram far more connections than ever before without instigating packet losses or inefficiency in your network.

Bottom Line on Ferrari-style Ethernet Cables

It’s hard to put a number on how much this simple change can help your network. There’s no question that it presents an opportunity to save on labor costs, and the range of cabling that can be equipped with an Easyboot will easily cover most networks. Ultimately, you need to consider how often you or your people are running Ethernet lines and how much value rests in making that process more efficient. Chances are that such a value is much greater than the minimal cost of buying a few cables.

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