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Easyboot Ethernet

The "I am tired of hurting my thumb disconnecting cables" Solution

Easyboot Ethernet cables really are the long-time coming evolution of Ethernet cabling as we know it. Finally you have a flexboot cable that brings together the best of both Booted and Non-booted cables to make your life a whole lot easier.

  • Ferrari-style Clip/Tab boot with strain relief
  • Extended boot design for easy connecting & disconnecting
  • Booted & Non-booted cabling attributes combined

Slim Run Ethernet

The "I have no more space in my data center" Solution

Slim run Ethernet cables are perfect for those high-density installations in data centers and network closets where space is limited, without sacrificing speed and durability.

  • High-density networking environments
  • Snagless, narrow, low-profile boot made for easy installs
  • Better airflow & less congestion in data centers and with cable runs

Shielded Ethernet

The "I want my data protected" Solution

Shielded Ethernet cables have long been the top choice to protect not only your data, but the speed of communication for businesses for years. Less signal drops and less testing time means more money and time for you.

  • Data security that gives you, users, and customers peace of mind.
  • Prevent EMI / RFI on network and in communication data packets
  • Clearer Video / Audio signals with less packet drops

Bulk Ethernet

The "I need to run cable for miles" Solution

Bulk Ethernet gives you the cable you need to get the BIG job done. Perfect for running cable in buildings, in ground, and for special projects that require custom lengths and terminations.

  • Custom lengths and terminations for longer, challenging cabling runs
  • Convenient pullbox that makes cabling running and storage easy
  • Unshielded & Shielded, Riser Rated, Plenum Rated, Outdoor and Direct Burial

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