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Meraki Network Products - Simplify Your Network

What is Cisco Meraki?

When it comes to industrial and enterprise networking, hardware solutions often create as many new problems as they solve. Networks get so complicated that scalable designs often devolve into a jumbled mess. Cisco Meraki offers an incredible solution to this problem. Through the use of powerful automation features and a suite of devices that are designed to work well together, these products might prove to be the best way to manage many business networks.

Cisco Meraki is a cloud-based networking hardware suite. It’s made to be easy to deploy and scalable without compromising security. The general idea is that the network can be managed via the web dashboard or mobile app through cloud connectivity. Network admins can control the network with as much precision as needed from anywhere in the world, and these cloud features are built into the hardware functionality.

Powerful Networking Simplified

Cisco Meraki does a few things that make networking simpler while maintaining high-powered functionality. The first is licensing. In IT applications, licensing can be a nightmare, but with Meraki, licenses are purchased per device from a Meraki License Reseller. That license allows for cloud access, and it includes tech support for the device and the dashboard.

The dashboard is the second feature that is immeasurably useful. The Meraki dashboard is designed to give network admins absolute control with easy access. Complicated applications, like IPsec tunneling, are largely automated by the dashboard. Simply select the tasks you would like to perform, and the software does the heavy lifting for you.

Key Features

Cisco Meraki really makes its mark through the powerful features that are included in the dashboard. These features are already built into the system; you simply need to take advantage of them.

Easy Configuration

Meraki is designed for ease of use. Once you decide how you want the network deployed, you can configure it with simple GUI interfaces on the dashboard. You can then copy and paste the entire configuration to create consistent networks for different locations across the globe.


Meraki provides secure tunneling, and as mentioned above, you do not have to configure it manually. The AutoVPN feature builds the tunnels for you, so you can create secure access for users in remote locations.

Virtual Stacking

One of the most powerful Meraki features is virtual stacking. This allows you to manage all switchports as if they were on a single switch. This saves countless hours in network design and configuration.

Remote Management

A cloud-based system should allow for remote management, but the Systems Manager takes things a step further. It gives IT access to every mobile device and desktop on the Meraki network. You can remotely disable or wipe devices. You can send push notifications, push configuration changes or access important information on any of the connected devices.

Network Topology

A dynamic topology map is a powerful tool for network management. Cisco Meraki automatically builds that map for you on the dashboard. Moreover, the map is automatically updated whenever you make additions or changes to the network.

Cisco Meraki is a powerful networking resource. The devices are designed to work together seamlessly, so you can expand your network indefinitely. The powerful features and ease of use remain valuable even as you expand, making it a networking hardware suite that is equal parts powerful and accessible.

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