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Combining Simplicity & Power: Introducing Meraki by Cisco

  • Simple by design. Meraki seamlessly combines the simplicity of a cloud-managed dashboard with the power of enterprise-grade hardware to meet the demands of next-gen wired and wireless networks.


Meraki Smart IT

The Meraki solution is all about creating IT systems that are easy to deploy, monitor, and manage.
Meraki products allow for secure, simple, 100% cloud managed networking. All devices are centrally managed from an intuitive web-based interface.
It is simply better IT.

Meraki Switches

Meraki switches offer zero-touch provisioning, and can be configured entirely from a web browser.
Pioneering network topology and remote packet capture features simplify troubleshooting, especially for remote locations.


Physical or Virtual Stacking

Meraki switches feature an industry-first technology known as virtual stacking. This feature allows users to create a virtual logical stack of thousands of switches without having to physically stack them, making for simple, centralized management. Certain models also support physical stacking.

Cloud Management

The entire Meraki network of devices is managed through the Meraki Dashboard. This cloud, web-browser based interface is a true "single pane of glass" that allows users to quickly and easily manage their network of devices, including switches.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Meraki switches are high-quality, high-performing, robust, and long-lasting solutions that help to reduce total cost of ownership over time. Many Meraki switches include advanced features that will help to future-proof your network and allow you to run these devices for years to come.


The Meraki Dashboard includes powerful remote troubleshooting tools including dynamic network topology, cable testing, remote packet captures, and many other tools, all of which significantly enhance multi-site troubleshooting even in locations where IT is not present.

Increased Security

Meraki leverages Cisco's industry-leading securty expertise to bring advanced security features to Meraki switches. These switches make wired security easy to manage and configure with network-wide access policies that can apply to thousands of switches and ports. Extend security to your endpoints with Meraki Systems Manager.

Energy Savings

Reducing power consumption through intelligent PoE energy budgeting and port scheduling features reduces the annual energy costs of running switches and powered devices like phones and access points.

Meraki MS120 Series

Cisco Meraki MS120 switches provide Layer 2 access switching, and features a variety of power options.

With 5 different models, capable of providing up to 740W of power over a variety of port densities, including SFP capable uplinks, the MS120 line is fully ready to support future wireless infrastructure deployments across a variety of different environments.


Model Comparison

1GbE RJ45 1GbE SFP Dedicated Mgmt Interface Max Switching Capacity PoE/PoE+ Capable
MS120-8FP 8 2 - 20 Gbps Yes, 124W
MS120-24P 24 4 1 56 Gbps Yes, 370W
MS120-48FP 48 4 1 104 Gbps Yes, 740W



Meraki MS225 Series

The Cisco Meraki MS225 series switches provide layer 2 access switching and are ideal for deploying to branch locations. With stacking capabilities and 10G SFP+ uplinks on every model, performance is guaranteed. This family also supports an optional, rack-mountable remote PSU (Cisco RPS-2300) for power redundancy requirements.


  • Gigabit access switching with 24- and 48- port models and optional PoE+ support up to 740W

  • Stacking-compatible with the MS210

  • (4) 10G SFP+ uplink interfaces on all models

  • Dual stacking interfaces with up to 80 Gbps of bandwidth

  • Non-blocking switch backplane with up to 176 Gbps bandwidth support

  • 6 configurable QoS queues for converged voice, video, and data applications

Meraki Switch Best Sellers

Meraki MS120-24P
24 Port | 370W | PoE/PoE+ 

Meraki MS120 Series 24 port PoE+ switch with (4) 1G SFP uplink, 370 watts of available PoE power, and Meraki cloud management.


Meraki MS225-48FP
48 Port | 740W | PoE/PoE+

Meraki MS225 Series 48 port PoE+ switch with (4) 10G SFP+ uplinks, 740 watts of hot-swappable PoE+ power, and Meraki cloud management.


Meraki MS120-8
8 Port | Compact | PoE/PoE+ Switch

Meraki MS120 Series 8 port PoE+ switch with (2) 1G SFP uplink, 124 watts of PoE+ power, and Meraki cloud management.



Meraki Wireless

Reliably deliver new mobile experiences with future-proof wireless.


Centralized Management

Seamlessly manage campus-wide Wi-Fi deployments and distributed multi-site networks from a single pane-of-glass with the Meraki Dashboard.

Location Analytics

Reveal powerful metrics such as visitor capture rate, user visit time, and repeat visits by listening for wireless devices.

Dedicated Security Radio

Instantly detects interference, vulnerabilities, and attacks, across all channels.


High-Efficiency Wireless

Cisco Meraki access points are built from the highest grade components and carefully optimized for a seamless user experience.

The outcome: faster connections, greater user capacity, more coverage, and fewer support calls.

Meraki Wireless Access Points 

MR42 wireless access point
Cloud management | 802.11ac
3x3 MIMO | 1.9 Gbps

802.11ac Wave 2, 3x3 MIMO, Dedicated Security & Bluetooth Beacons. Supports up to 50 users
Condition: Refurbished


MR52 wireless access point
Cloud management | 802.11ac
4x4 MIMO | 2.5 Gbps

802.11ac Wave 2, 4x4 MIMO, Dedicated Security & Bluetooth Beacon. Supports up to 100 users.s
Condition: Refurbished


MR33 wireless access point
Cloud management | 802.11AC
2x2 MIMO | 1.3 Gbps

802.11ac Wave 2, 2x2 MIMO, Bluetooth and security radio. Supports up to 30 users.
Condition: Factory Sealed



Meraki Network Security and SD-WAN

Meraki MX security & SD-WAN appliances offer integrated and best-in-class enterprise security capabilities all informed by world-renowned security research team, Cisco Talos.


Centralized Management

Centrally manage consolidated security and SD-WAN infrastructure from an intuitive web GUI or APIs.

Auto VPN

Create a secure and optimized SD-WAN fabric between business and private/public multi-cloud locations in three clicks.

High Availability and Failover

Automatic WAN and device redundancy leveraging multiple uplinks, warm spare, and self-healing VPN.


SD-WAN in Three Clicks

The MX appliances elegantly create a framework for Cisco SD-WAN powered by Meraki by securely auto-provisioning IPsec VPN tunnels between sites. The Meraki dashboard automatically negotiates VPN routes, authentication and encryption protocols, and key exchange for all Meraki MX appliances in an organization to create hub-and-spoke or mesh VPN topologies.

Meraki Security and SD-WAN

MX68 Security & SD-WAN
(10) 1GbE LAN (2 PoE+) and (2) 1GbE WAN

Meraki MX68 features (10) 1GbE LAN (2 PoE+) and (2) 1GbE WAN interfaces. Stateful firewall throughput: 450 Mbps
Condition: Refurbished


MX100 Firewall
(1) 1GB RJ-45 + (1) USB WAN | (8) 1GB (2) GbE (SFP) LAN

Meraki Cloud Managed Networking and Security Hardware Appliance - Gigabit SFP connectivity - Stateful firewall throughput: 750 Mbps
Condition: Refurbished


MX84 Firewall
(2) 1GbE RJ-45 + (1) USB WAN | (8) 1GB + (2)SFP LAN

Meraki Cloud Managed Networking and Security Hardware Appliance - Gigabit SFP connectivity - Stateful firewall throughput: 500 Mbps
Condition: Refurbished



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