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Benefits of Cisco 9300 Switches

When you’re designing a major enterprise network, you need the best tools available. For that, you will often turn to Cisco. The brand has dominated this space for decades for a reason, and when you want the very best that Cisco has to offer, you might turn to the Catalyst 9300.

What exactly do you get from this series? Let’s take a deep dive and see.

What Is Cisco Catalyst 9300?

To keep it simple, the Catalyst 9300 series is the latest and greatest from Cisco. It includes a range of networking devices that can handle wired and wireless connections. The devices are meant to integrate seamlessly into existing networks, playing nicely with legacy systems. But, they’re also easy to manage and deploy, and they’re a great choice for the backbone of a brand-new network.

Regardless, the 9300 series is designed to bring top speeds to large networks with a host of features that makes your networking easier, more powerful, and more reliable.

Benefits of the 9300

Specifically, the 9300 series is built for specific benefits. These are enterprise networking devices that are right at home in advanced data centers, large campuses, and anything else that needs the most networking power available.

When using 9300 devices, you’ll find that the design and features are particularly excellent in regard to bandwidth, security, ease of use, and capacity. You can see a breakdown of key features for each of these benefits below.


The 9300 series is made for high-speed activities. They can support up to 1 Tbps connections. Using both copper and fiber, this one series can connect a wide range of devices, all at the highest speeds currently on the market.

Additionally, the 9300 series supports networking stacks that can handle up to 40G of data processing.

Not done yet, the devices are designed to integrate with Wi-Fi 6, making them ideal for very high bandwidth operations. Whether you need blistering speeds, lots of users, or both, the 9300 series can get it done.


Your fast operations will also be secure. The 9300 features every advanced option that Cisco provides for security. You’ll get Native Flexible Netflow and Cisco TrustSec. These manage role-based access to your resources and operate using AES-236, MACsec-256, and WAN MACsec.

Using native MACsec-256 encryption, the security features can encrypt traffic to professional standards. That encryption includes automated analytics that help you make good security decisions. It is also supported by Cisco Umbrella — cloud security that can help you find and stop threats on or off of your corporate network.

Ease of Use

Even while providing incredible security at top speeds, the 9300 series is designed to simplify use and reduce the IT labor needed to deploy and manage the networking systems. There are several features designed to provide this ease of use.

Cisco IOS XE OS is a networking OS that manages switching, wireless, routing, and IoT, and your entire suite of hardware can run on the unified system.

Model-driven programmability allows you to program operations for your networking equipment with standards-based interfaces.

Streaming telemetry provides powerful insights with context. This makes it much easier to observe the workings of your network in great detail.

Of course, cloud monitoring is also available, allowing experts to manage multiple networks remotely.


The 9300 series was designed with BYOD (bring your own device) in mind. Because of this, it supports very high capacities within the networks. As mentioned before, 9300 equipment works seamlessly with Wi-Fi 6, allowing for many thousands of clients on a single network. The series also supports up to 200 access points, enabling you to blanket a large area with extensive coverage while providing wireless networking to thousands of users.

At the same time, UADP 2.0 and 2.5sec converge wired and wireless access, making these high-capacity networks that much easier to manage.

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