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All about Cisco 2960-X Series Switches

The pace of technology refuses to slow down. At this point, you have lived through multiple technological revolutions, and every few years, average computer devices continue to multiply their capabilities.

Development is intense and relentless, and it means that businesses across all industries are in a perpetual arms race to keep up. You need the latest technology to provide services that match the competition, but constant technological expansion is expensive.

How are small and medium-sized businesses supposed to manage?

The key is to find powerful technology that is specifically designed with affordability in mind. You want devices and resources that are similar to the Cisco 2960-X series.

This is a series of networking switches that understands the modern challenges that face many businesses and aims to solve them with powerful networking that is simplified, making it more approachable than ever.

Affordable Enterprise Technology

The Cisco 2960-X series was really designed around the idea of making enterprise-level networking technology more affordable and accessible. While it won’t form the most data-intensive part of major data centers, this is technology that can run a competitive, technological company in the modern era.

The 2960-X series is built on stackable switching technology. That allows growing businesses to build up the stacks as they go, expanding their networking capacity along the way. It’s a savvy investment for now and the foreseeable future for any network that makes good use of Gigabit Ethernet.

Modern Features for Ease of Use

With roughly a dozen different switches in the series, you’ll find consistent features across every device that make networking simultaneously more powerful and easier to use.

Stackable Gigabit Ethernet is the name of the game. Built on Cisco’s FlexStack technology, the 2960-X series is entirely cross-compatible. You can stack any two switches in the series, up to a maximum of eight switches per stack. This can reach a top bandwidth of 80 Gbps per stack, and the entire thing is hot-swappable, making management as easy as possible.

Power control software lies at the heart of the 2960-X series’ ease of use. NetFlow consolidates essential IP applications and services to make networking management simple. NetFlow Lite offers similar performance but in a streamlined package that is even easier (and ideal for smaller businesses). DNS-AS puts customized DNS applications and controls in a centralized place.

Power over Ethernet is available on multiple 2960-X devices to add flexibility to networking solutions. With PoE+, modern devices can easily find sufficient power along Ethernet lines of up to 30W per port. Perpetual PoE ensures that power through the lines is clean and uninterrupted, leading to even better reliability.

Advanced security features are available across the series. MAC-based VLAN assignment allows for precise user access control and management. Cisco TrustSec manages domains and the essential list of trusted network devices. IPv6 First-Hop Security prevents malicious activity from penetrating the network. Cisco Trust Anchor Technology and Cisco Threat Defense round out the security features ensuring that you have a full suite of defenses that are constantly active and working to thwart malicious activity before it can cause problems.

Bolstering Small and Medium Businesses

The Cisco 2960-X series provides modern, enterprise-class networking with a range of switches that can provide everything an Ethernet network requires. With advanced controls, network administrators can run the systems exactly as they see fit.

But with ease-of-use controls and software, this series also makes enterprise-class networking friendly to smaller businesses with limited IT budgets. Even if you don’t have the resources to build data-center networking infrastructure from the ground up, you can have fast, reliable, secure networking across your location with these switches forming the backbone of the whole system.

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