Benefits of Cisco 9000 Series Switches

All About Cisco 9000 Series Switches

So, when you look at something like a Cisco 9000 series switch, you’re facing down a powerful networking tool. It can certainly boost some of the metrics related to your network, but it also comes at a clear financial cost. Is it the right switch for the job? The best way to answer that question is to take a deeper look at the 9000 series and the clear benefits that it offers.

What Is a 9000 Series Switch?

The Cisco 9000 series refers to a class of switches that are intended for a number of powerful use cases. The series is optimized for Internet of Things (IoT) applications, mobility, and multi-cloud. The switches also aim to bring top-notch security to enterprise networks.

Offering up wired and wireless connections, these switches provide power and options to any network administrator or engineer. This is high-end equipment meant for high-end use cases.

What Businesses Should Use Them?

The 9000 series is primarily intended for enterprise operations. These are large businesses with multiple departments and potentially multiple locations. This series is not at the bottom of the budget end of networking equipment.

Instead, the switches are designed for high adaptability and robust networking. These are switches that can handle heavy traffic and varied, sometimes creative, applications.

Technically speaking, any business can use these switches, but they offer a sincere return on investment when they power demanding networks for systems where downtime and security risks are unacceptably expensive.

The Primary Benefits of the 9000 Series

The best way to understand the optimal usage of 9000-series switches is to go over some of the leading benefits designed into them. Each benefit is appealing to most businesses, but with larger, enterprise operations, it’s easier to justify the price point of the 9000 series. When you consider how much money can be saved by improved security or adaptability (to name just a pair of benefits), these switches offer a positive ROI and become compelling options for networking.


The 9000 series goes above and beyond basic security measures. Built with a software-defined approach, these switches include powerful options for managing security. Cisco DNA is a learning system that improves security substantially. Combined with a simplified design, potential security risks are minimized while precise control is optimized.


The 9000 series is fully programmable. This allows admins and engineers to make fast changes to the network design and configuration. Ultimately, the network can adapt more readily if and when business needs change. With NETCONF/YANG scripting, fully programmable is not just a phrase. You can customize the system as you see fit.

Mobile Optimization

One of the primary philosophies behind the design of the 9000 series is expanding mobile access and control. It was built from the ground up with the Internet of Things in mind, and these switches provide converging network services that are ideal for vast mobile networks.

Cloud Support

Cloud support is always valuable, and the 9000 series allows you to make, host, and control your own cloud environments. Running on Dev-Ops tools, cloud control is simple and accessible. This is about more than just accessing a cloud server. You have control over the cloud presence and can use it precisely as you need it.

Power Distribution

The 9000 series also offers efficiency to network design. With Power over Ethernet features that include PoE, PoE+, UPoE, and UPoE+, networks are that much easier to build. You can route power through Ethernet connections, opening up design options from simple offices to expansive IoT topologies.

A Cisco 9000 series switch is not ideal for every network or every application. They represent a significant financial investment. But, when that investment is warranted, it’s difficult to find a series that will outperform these switches. They hit all of the high notes and provide a range of benefits that should not be taken lightly. Consider the 9000 series for most enterprise networking systems.

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