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All About Aruba 2930M Series Switches

When it comes to data centers and other high-bandwidth networking, finding the perfect Ethernet switches is an endless task. There are many out there that can provide a lot of ports and possibly high speeds, but you need a combination of features and smart design choices to really optimize your network.

There are a few switch series that really stand out for this kind of work, and one of them is the Aruba 2930M. Owned by HP, Aruba has been making high-end networking equipment for decades, and they are a leading brand for networks that push performance above all else.

The 2930M series has a handful of different switch options, all providing multi-gigabit speeds with stackable switches. Take a tour of the series to see if it might be the right fit for your network.

Power Over Ethernet

There are PoE+ models for each bandwidth range in the series. Each PoE+-supported switch offers two powered Ethernet ports, making it easy to add endpoint devices to the network structure. The ports are rated for a maximum power output of 30W each, allowing for a total of 60W of passthrough power on the switch.

PoE+ is available on 24G, 40G, and 48G 2930M models, ensuring that you have flexible networking options no matter the size and capacity of your total network. Remembering that these are stackable switches, large networks can support many PoE devices.

Stackable Switching

Stackable switching is essential for high-bandwidth networks, and the 2930M series is designed specifically to provide powerful and easy stacking options.

Pushed to their maximum capacity, the 2930M series switches can provide up to 100G connections. The overall switching capacity ranges from 128G to 420G per stack, showing that these switches can handle incredibly large workloads.

Powerful Network Management

The 2930M series provides power, bandwidth, and network flexibility. It’s reliable hardware that works hard and gets the job done, but the management resources are what really push this series over the top and make it so appealing to so many networks.

First, these switches are optimized for mobile. Aruba designed them to integrate easily into wired/wireless networks, making them a great backbone device for connecting multiple access points as needed.

The series also supplies flexible options for network growth. The stackable switches are hot-swappable with modular power options that make adding capacity very easy.

Meanwhile, a suite of networking management includes RIP, OSPF, ACLs, and other QoS resources. These switches are easy to deploy and manage, and you can make simple, efficient capacity upgrades to your network backbone as needed.

Aruba 2930M Series, Providing Great Options

The 2930M series is not ideal for all networks. These switches are powerful, high-bandwidth options for large-scale networks that need to regularly process large volumes of data.

When bandwidth is a primary concern, and you need an option that can readily scale as your network grows, then the 2930M series is a competitive choice. It can meet and exceed your needs, and it can carry the Ethernet portions of your network into the future.

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