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All About Aruba 2930F Series Switches

You want your network to be fast. You want it to be secure and reliable, but you don’t want to spend countless hours fighting with it and tinkering in order to actually take advantage of its performance capabilities.

In the modern world, when every network seems to require large-scale wireless access, it’s difficult to find hardware that can give you everything you really need.

The Aruba 2930F series provides solutions that can defy your expectations. These switches are fast, stackable, and built on Layer 3 networking, allowing them to bridge the gap between fast and reliable wired connections and the wireless demands of the modern era.

Layer 3 Switching

Built on layer 3 switching, the 2930F series provides powerful and convenient options. It supports IPv6 addressing. ACLs make for easy and secure access management. Meanwhile, RIP simplifies routing protocols.

These are switches designed for integration with wireless networking, and with features designed to simplify management, they work great in both switching and routing capacities.

The switches provide robust security options and a long list of QoS resources that make them as easy to use as they are powerful.

Convenient Networking

Specifically, the 2930F series was designed with convenience in mind. Designed for IoT and similarly scaled networks, built-in uplinks, PoE+ ports, and a list of features make it easy to integrate these switches into large wireless networks.

With cloud-based management via Aruba Central, network administrators can configure any newly added switch with a few remote keystrokes. Zero-Touch Provisioning (ZTP) means that you can use these resources to configure or manage any switch in the network without any requirement for physical proximity. It is all run through the cloud app, and both configuration and management are simplified in the app.

Aruba Dynamic Segmentation

Perhaps most impressive about the 2930F series is its utilization of Aruba Dynamic Segmentation. This is a design feature that enables the switches to carry and deliver wireless policies to endpoint devices. You can configure one wireless access point, and everything else connected via the 2930F switches will receive instructions to match that configuration — creating a uniform wireless policy with very little effort.

Using this feature, 2930F switches are optimized to form the backbone of major wireless networks that can span large areas with consistent performance.

Flexible Options

Even though the 2930F series is built around powerful networking, the switches come in a variety of options that allow you to build your network in a modular fashion.

On the affordable end of the spectrum, you can get 8-port switches that include all of the features of the larger switches but don't require you to overinvest in networks that are not yet supporting very large numbers of users.

Additional sizes include 12, 24, and 48 ports, showing that you can pick the switches that are adequately sized for your needs, and you have plenty of options for precise upgrades in the future. The 2930F series allows you to optimize spending without sacrificing performance.

Fast Networking

Of course, your switches are only as good as the hardware in them, and the 2930F series is built for high speeds and large bandwidth. Across the series, you’ll find switch speeds range from 24G to 48G total bandwidth. While every switch provides 10/100/1000 Ethernet connections, the switches also support up to 4SFP ports each.

At the high end, the 2930F series caps at 176G of total capacity per switch, and with convenient stacking, you can multiply that capacity easily.

The 2930F series is built for modern networking. You won’t hurt in terms of speed or capacity, and you can build a robust, expandable, adaptive network with these switches at the center.

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