Cisco Series 2960-X Switches

  • Cisco 2960-X series switches are a great option for small to medium-sized businesses that want to function at an enterprise level, but don't necessarily have the budget this often requires.

  • Switches in the 2960-X series are cost-effective, stackable, and energy efficient. They were designed for operational simplicity, they're easy to deploy and manage, and Cisco Catalyst 2960-X switches are also highly secure.


Cisco 2960-X Series Features & Benefits

When you need enterprise-class access without the high price, the Cisco 2960-X series of fixed-configuration, stackable Gigabit Ethernet switches is a great solution. Check out some of these fantastic features!

Increased Visibility

The Cisco Catalyst 2960X Series of switches provide for increased visibility with Full (Flexible) NetFlow and NetFlow Lite as well as the Domain Name System as an Authoritative Source (DNA-AS) feature.


The Cisco Catalyst 2960X Series of switches are extremely reliable and resilient with many features built-in to prevent outages such as optional dual field-replaceable power supplies Cross-stack EtherChannel, Flex Links, and more.

Cost Effective

These switches were designed to allow for a lower total cost of ownership. These switches provide enterprise-class access, without the expensive price tag that normally accompanies enterprise-level equipment.

Stackable - FlexStack Technology

The Cisco Catalyst 2960X series of switches feature FlexStack technology. The hot-swappable Cisco FlexStack-Plus module can be added to any 2960X switch with a FlexStack-Plus slot and allows users to stack up to 8 Cisco Catalyst 2960X switches.

Increased Security

The Cisco Catalyst 2960X series of switches provide a range of security features that allow users to limit access to their networks and to mitigate threats. These security features include Mac-based VLAN assignment, Cisco TrustSec, Comprehensive 802.1X, IPv6 First-Hop Security, Cisco Trust Anchor Technology, Cisco Threat Defense, and more.

Intelligent PoE+ and Perpetual PoE

Select models support both IEEE 802.3af PoE and IEEE 802.3at PoE+ (up to 30W per port). The PoE power allocation is dynamic and power mapping scales up to a maximum of 740W of PoE+ power. In addition, some models support Perpetual PoE. With this feature, the PoE+ power is maintained during a switch reload which allows users to avoid disruption.

FlexStack-Plus Switch Stack

Cisco FlexStack-Plus enables users to stack up to 8 2960-X or 2960-XR switches using the hot-swappable FlexStack-Plus module. When switches are connected to a stack using this module, they will automatically upgrade to the stack's Cisco IOS software version and will transparently join the stack without intervention.

FlexStack-Plus Scalability and Performance

Stack Member Stack bandwidth Cisco IOS feature set
2960-XR IP Lite 80 Gbps IP Lite
2960-X LAN Base 80 Gbps LAN Base

Cisco 2960-X Series PoE+ Switch, WS-C2960X-24PS-L

This model, WS-C2960X-24PS-L, is simple to configure and monitor, and it's made for easy troubleshooting.

  • 370W of PoE power, it offers 12 PoE+ ports up to 30W or 24 PoE ports up to 15.4W, with flexible power allocation.

  • 24 Gigabit Ethernet ports (10/100/1000) and 4 SFP uplink interfaces.

Cisco 2960-X Series 48 Port Switch, WS-C2960X-48FPS-L

Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses, model WS-C2960X-48FPS-L offers a fixed configuration.

  • 48 ports, PoE+, 4 SFP ports, and 740 watts of PoE power.

  • 48 ports for 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet and 4 dual-purpose uplink ports (10/100/1000 or SFP).

Cisco 2960-X Switch Series Best Sellers

Cisco Catalyst 2960X Series
48 Port PoE Switch

Cisco 2960-X Series 48 port PoE+ switch with four SFP ports, 740 watts of available PoE power, and LAN Base software.


Cisco 2960-X Series
24 Port 370W PoE+

Cisco 2960-X Series 24 port PoE+ switch with four SFP ports, 370 watts of available PoE power, and LAN Base software. New in original packaging.


Cisco 2960-X Series
48 Port PoE+ Switch

Cisco 2960-X Series 48 port PoE+ switch with two 10G SFP+ ports, 740 watts of available PoE power and LAN Base software.



Cisco 2960-X Power Supplies

We all know our switches can't operate without power supplies. Luckily we have got you covered for all of your power supply needs!

Cisco Catalyst 2960X Series Power Supply
250 WAC

Cisco Catalyst 2960X Series Power Supply, PWR-C2-250WAC
Condition: Refurbished


Cisco RPS 2300
Spare Power Supply | 750W AC

Cisco PWR-RPS2300 750W AC Power Supply, C3K-PWR-750WAC
Condition: Refurbished


Cisco RPS2300 Power Supply Blank
For RPS2300

Cisco RPS2300 Power Supply Blank, BLNK-RPS2300
Condition: Refurbished



Cisco 2960-X Modules and Kits

Increase the functionality of your switch with a network module or grab a kit for easy deployment.

Cisco Catalyst 2960X
FlexStack-Plus Module

Maximize scalability by stacking up to 8 switches with the Cisco Catalyst 2960X Series FlexStack-Plus Module.
Condition: Refurbished


Cisco 2960X
Expansion Module Blank

This is the Cisco module blank cover that covers the module slot in the 2960X switches, making the unit more attractive and helping air flow.
Condition: Refurbished


Cisco 2960-X, WS-C2960X-48LPS-L, 48 Port Deployment Kit

Cisco Catalyst 2960-X Series Deployment Kit, 48 Port, Includes Switch, 4 SFP modules, 1 Stacking Module, and 1 Stacking Cable
Condition: Refurbished.


SHOP ALL 2960-X Modules

Cisco 2960-X Accessories

Shop CablesAndKits for all your 2960-X accessory needs! We've got everything from network modules to rack kits, stacking cables, and more!

Cisco Catalyst 2960X Series
Rack Mount Kit | 19"

Fits most C2960X models, please see our compatability list in the description for more info.


Cisco StackWise
Stacking Cable | 0.5M

These data cables can connect a Cisco 2960-X stackable switches to form a single switching unit.


Cisco Catalyst 2960X Series Accessory Kit

Cisco Catalyst 3850 Series Network module blank. Perfect for inserting into 3850 switches with no uplink ports.



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