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Giving because we like to is pretty simple – it brings us joy to help others. We have always enjoyed helping people achieve their dreams or further a cause they are passionate about. We give of our money, time, and other resources personally and realized as the team was growing that we wanted to share that with them too. We’ve done some cool projects together over the years, and we set aside a percentage of profits each month into a fund that is for service projects and charitable contributions.

What does giving mean to us?

The call that we feel to give comes from our faith and also our mission as an organization. We want to inspire others in how they lead their own lives and run their businesses. When we started giving from business profits, the reasons were more heavily focused on the “because it brings us joy” or “because we’re wired that way” category. Many years ago a mentor introduced us to the idea of ministry through business, the idea of furthering the missions that we’re passionate about through the resources entrusted to us. Non-profits, ministries, and charitable organizations are users of many resources and businesses are resource generators. We need each other.

What we have found through our own experiences is that finding charitable organizations that are aligned with our values to pour into with time, money and other resources takes the work that we do and propels it to a new level. Work for work’s sake? Work for a “just” a paycheck? No thanks. Work for a living, seeing our mission and values multiplied through charitable work with a sprinkle of extra joy? Yes, please!

Our Giving Goal

2021 has been a good year for us for many reasons. I have joked with a few people that it only took 20 years for us to get it right, haha. But it truly does feel like we’ve been able to take a lifetime of lessons and hard-earned wisdom and put it into practice this year. Don’t get me wrong, we are not perfect and never will be. That’s one of those lessons in wisdom we’ve accumulated over the years – there is no such thing as perfect! Because we’ve had such a great year we wanted to celebrate by giving away some of our profits set aside for charitable giving in a fun way. We’re giving away $20,000 in December and each team member is directing an additional $200 to the charity of their choice.

Who are we giving to this year?

CK Organization - Freedom Path was founded by Chad, a former CK team member, and his wife, Heidi. Chad served as our Warehouse Manager for several years. He left to pursue another opportunity and a few years after that, he and his wife founded Freedom Path. They offer a variety of counseling services on a “pay what you can afford” model subsidized through donations. They serve the same area where the CK office and many of our team members are located. We love what they do, love watching them grow, and that we get to support them in serving our shared community.

Cris (Product Marketing) – and I’m excited to share the organization I’m giving to this holiday season. I’ve been with CablesAndKits for almost 7 years and love being part of the team and the many giving efforts. I have chosen to give my CK team donation to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. This is an amazing Hospital that I’m pretty sure saved the life of my daughter. They have a wonderful staff from receptionists, food services, to doctors and nurses. They are consistently ranked among the top children’s hospitals and provide lifesaving medical programs that have helped treat kids with complex childhood illnesses from all around the world.

Shanyce (Customer Service Manager) - I have chosen to give my CK team donation to Alpa Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. The ability to financially afford to attend a college institution of your choice debt-free is a dream of many. Thankfully, through many scholarships and family, this dream was a reality for me. I am giving to this organization as it is one that focuses on minorities like myself here in Gwinnett County and provides financial support by way of college scholarships.

Rebecca (Product Manager) - I have chosen to give my CK team donation to Extra Special People. Having a family member with special needs has given me a soft spot in my heart for all individuals with special needs. I’m very aware of how often they can be overlooked and excluded from many of the experiences and opportunities that a lot of us take for granted. It can feel isolating for them and their families, which is a real shame because these amazing individuals are image-bearers of God and some of the purest reflections of His goodness! They deserve to be treated with dignity and given opportunities! That’s why I love ESP! They are advocates for those individuals and families, they create a sense of community and belonging, and they create transformational experiences and provide opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise exist! I also love that they are local to our community. Seeing the joy on the faces of those in their program is priceless!

Jason (Ecommerce Manager) - I have chosen to give my CK team donation to Navigate Recovery. Over this past year, drug and alcohol overdose deaths grew over 30% in the US - and those are just the ones we know about. The pandemic, current financial situation, and day-to-day stresses have made it easier for people to fall into the trap and lies of addiction. Most of us have been affected by addiction in some way whether through a family member, friend, spouse, child, or maybe even yourself. It hurts and can be devastating to not only the person dealing with the addiction but all of those around that individual as well. I am in that community of people affected by addiction and lost one of my best friends to it two years ago, so the work that Navigate, and other organizations like them, do is very close to my heart. It is so important to be able to help and support organizations like Navigate Recovery that focus on not only helping the individual but the families affected by addiction through strong community support. It takes the whole community to care for the whole community.

Christine (Customer Service) - I have chosen to give my CK team donation to Indianapolis Colts Foundation. I am not an active member of any organization/foundation here in the Philippines, but I am happy to support this foundation. My sister-in-law is living in the US and she is also supporting this foundation. She's been living there for a long time and I understand that this is important to her. It is hard to live far away from her family and this foundation/organization helps her a lot.

Mandy (Account Manager) - With the Season of giving nearing, I wanted to provide my company-sponsored donation to a local family of a deputy who was shot and killed in November. Deputy Nicole Marshall was shot on 11/5 at a residence after receiving a phone call about a domestic dispute. Three days later she ultimately lost her life in sacrifice of serving her community. Nicole was a mother and friend to many in the community and to see the support around her was truly unbelievable. Deputy Marshall's body was brought to a local church in a horse-drawn carriage through a 16-mile procession throughout the county in her honor. Residents and other regional law enforcement agencies lined the streets to honor her life and to give her a proper sendoff. My heart goes out to her family so I just want to show support for her and others that put their life on the line, every day for us. A benefit has been set up at the Northeast Georgia Bank, 1775 Old Pendergrass Road, Jefferson, Georgia. Donations can be made at any Northeast Georgia Bank.

Tristan - (Supply Chain Manager) - I have chosen to give my CK team donation to iServe Ministries. I go to church with the founders and believe in what they do. They are some of the most selfless people I know and would love to help their organization.

Aaron - (Account Manager) - I have chosen to give my CK team donation to Feed the Children. As we continue to fight for our children during the pandemic there are a lot of families who need support. Our kids should always come first and we all need to do a little extra to make sure everyone gets a meal.

More coming soon.