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At CablesAndKits we strive to make an impact on the community any way we can.
Throughout our 20 years in business, giving back to individuals and organizations in
our community has stood true in defining who we are today.

Who are we giving to?

To celebrate 20 years and to further our giving efforts, we've invited each member of our team to advance our giving efforts
and provide us with an organization they are passionate about to donate $200 to. Enjoy some of their stories below.


Our Giving Goal

We have a goal to give $20,000 to celebrate our 20 years of business. This goal would not be possible without the support from our customers. We hope that you know that your purchases are instrumental in allowing us to give back to the community.

CablesAndKits would not be what it is today without the influence of our former HR Manager, Susan. She brought joy and excitement to our company culture and helped set us up for success in the future by implementing things like personality testing into our hiring and a team building process.

From the time we met and hired Susan, we knew she had a passion for addiction recovery ministry. We witnessed firsthand her passion and desire to help others, and we encouraged her to take the leap to start an organization that would bring her vision to transform the way addiction recovery was done to life. She and her husband, Farley, did just that and have had great success in our community. They founded Navigate Recovery and later Lightway Recovery for Women.

CK has given to Navigate Recovery and adopted rooms at Lightway Recovery in the past. We are thrilled to be able to include both organizations in our $20k for 20 years giving campaign this year!

Path United works with community leaders, churches and local schools to transform mobile home communities through showing children God's love while building positive relationships and empowering them socially and emotionally. We are very interested in what they do, because Craig was raised by a single mom in a mobile home park. He quit school at age 15 and started working full time … and now he's our CEO! Having built several successful businesses and lived a life amazing experiences, I know his story will be inspiring to children growing up as he did. We are excited that we'll be able to see one of the local programs in action in January.


Why We Give

The call that we feel to give comes from out faith and also our mission as an organization. We believe in ministry through business. We are driven by the idea of furthering the mission that we're passionate about through the resources entrusted to us.