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2021 Top Tech Gift Guide

What are the top tech gifts for 2021?

Holiday shopping can be fun, but it can also be challenging. Sometimes, you have someone you want to give a gift to, but finding the right thing is tough. For anyone interested in technology, these gift ideas might provide the inspiration you need.

Ear Cleaners

Yeah, we know…strange huh? But it is trending this year! Ear wax buildup is a problem for many people. Finding a safe, reliable, effective way to remove it is challenging. Some solutions are supposed to dissolve ear wax so it can drain away, but they don’t always work. Most adults have been lectured at some point to not use q tips or other devices because it can impact the wax.

A new technological solution solves the problem completely. Spade is a leader in the field, and it attaches a camera to an ear-safe pick. You can stream the video to your smartphone and see what is in your ear in order to safely remove it. It is safe, painless, and interesting.

High-Powered Lasers

Handheld lasers have been around for a while. In recent years, manufacturers have found affordable ways to make them more powerful while remaining small in size. One of the latest advancements has delivered a handheld laser that can produce a 5W beam. That is enough energy to start a campfire, and it is marketed as a fire starting tool.

The beam distance is visible up to 30 km. If you know someone fascinated by lasers or technology, this could be a winner.


Starscope is turning heads as a producer of optical enhancement equipment. They have a few popular gadgets that might be of interest. The monoculars and binoculars over high-level magnification for outdoor viewing. They are well made and supposedly guaranteed to stay clean and provide a clear image.

Some of the models can even connect to a smartphone to provide high-powered optical zooming for photos and videos.

Floating Speakers

Everyone needs speakers for their systems. Whether you use them with a computer, tablet, phone, TV, or otherwise, good speakers make a big difference. In the arms race to produce the most amazing speakers, a few companies have now produced magnetically levitating speakers. The speakers sound good, and they dial the cool factor up considerably. Most brands connect via Bluetooth, so just about anything can connect to them.

UV Sanitizers

Let’s keep things light and suffice it to say that the general public is more interested in sanitization than it used to be. UV sanitizers have grown in popularity and design variety. You can get sanitizers that quickly kill microbes to prevent the spread of disease.

This linked example cleans toothbrushes, but you can find UV sanitizers for glasses, electronics, and even surfaces. They are abundantly available and a great gift idea for many.


Sometimes things break, and a convenient multitool can help you deal with the situation on the spot. Many enticing multitools are out there. Two, in particular, are worthy of being linked here. The first is Wallet Ninja. The thing that makes Wallet Ninja great is that it is TSA-approved. You can take it on an airplane. As the name suggests, it fits in a normal wallet card slot. It has hex fittings to work as a wrench, an eyeglasses screwdriver, a letter opener, and imperial and metric measurements, just to name a few of the functions.

The other impressive multitool is not necessarily airport approved, but it is very handy. Kelvin17 contains a huge range of functions, including a hammer and a level.

Dog Trainers

Sometimes, dogs do things we don’t like. Finding a gentle, effective way to train them has been a human-wide search for a long time. BarxBuddy has a new approach that seems to work pretty well. It emits an ultrasonic sound to signal to a dog when it should stop a certain behavior.

Dog owners can use it to teach their pets to stop chewing or doing other naughty things. If you don’t have a dog but instead are plagued by late-night barking, there is an automatic feature that will play the sound when the dog barks, teaching it to stop.


This is a new approach to gluing things that need adhesive and bonding. Super glue is great in many applications, but it can be hard to use. The appeal of Bondic is that it has an ultra-rapid cure time.

It achieves this with a UV curing light. A Bondic kit comes with the adhesive “glue” and the UV light. Apply the adhesive and shine the light on it. According to Bondic, it will cure in just four seconds. You have a permanent adhesive solution, and it’s a lot easier to keep everything in place while it cures.

Nanotech Glass Cleaner

Cleaning glass is a part of life now. Whether you have eyeglasses or a dirty phone screen, you need a good cleaning solution. You can always use water and a cloth, but it can leave smudges that are just as bad as what you removed with cleaning.

There is a new cleaner that utilizes a carbon formula and nanotech to pull smudges and dirt off of glass without streaking or smearing. You can find different brands that market to different purposes, but nanotech glass cleaners might be the way of the future.

Fast Chargers

Everyone has devices that need to charge, and you don’t always have time to wait. The latest and greatest chargers can work with multiple smart devices, and they can cut charging times in half. Your typical fast charger can fill a smartphone battery in around 30 minutes. They are certainly convenient.

When buying a tech-based holiday gift, you have plenty of options this year. Hopefully, these helped stimulate some ideas to help you along the way.

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