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Model #: C6250018

AC Power Cord, C14 to C13, 16 AWG, 1.5ft, Black

AC Power Cord, C14 to C13, 16 AWG, 1.5ft, Black
Heavy-duty C14 to C13 power cable for your network and data center needs, 16 AWG, 1.5ft. Comes with a Lifetime Warranty!
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C6250018 | AC Power Cord | C14 to C13 | 16 AWG | 1.5 ft | Black

The AC Power Cord, C14 to C13, 16 AWG, 1.5ft, is an essential component for any electronic setup. Designed in sleek black color, the power cord’s reliability makes it a popular choice in connecting devices like computers, monitors, printers, and other electronic equipment to power sources such as power strips or wall outlets. The C14 and C13 connectors ensure a secure and a close fitted connection between your electronic devices and the power source. With a strong and resilient 16 AWG wire thickness, this power cord can handle high current loads efficiently while minimizing energy loss. The 1.5ft length strikes the perfect balance between flexibility and tidiness, reducing cable clutter and making cable management an easier task. Whether you're powering a computer, monitor, or any other electronic device, this AC Power Cord ensures a steady and dependable power supply, helping you stay connected and productive.

Supply End:

C14, or IEC60320-C14, is a 3 prong, male connector commonly used as a PDU supply end and computer power supply.These ends plug into a C13, or IEC60320-C13.

Equipment End:

C13, or IEC60320-C13 is a 3 prong, female connector commonly used on the end of computer and networking device power cords.These ends plug into a C14, or IEC60320-C14.


  • Equipment end C-13 female connector plugs into a C14, or IEC60320-C14
  • Supply end C-14 male connector plug into a C13, or IEC60320-C13
  • The power cord has a thickness of 16 AWG at 10 Amps and 250 Volts
  • The cord is 1.5 ft in length
  • Ideal for Servers, PC, UPS, monitor, scanner, printer and like devices
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Supply End IEC-60320-C14
Equipment End IEC-60320-C13

Rating 14 AWG 16 AWG 18 AWG
Jacket 15A / 205V 10A / 250V 10A / 250V

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