Why the T620-MID3 Server Series is Perfect for Local Organizations Running Enterprise-Class Operations

Why the T620-MID3 Server Series is Perfect for Local Organizations Running Enterprise-Class Operations

A Compact Server with High-Performance, High-Reliability Hardware and Room to Grow

The Dell PowerEdge T620 provides datacenter computing features that fit easily in a small business or satellite office, or even a home office that requires some serious horsepower and is planning to expand. Configurations include:

  • One or two advanced Intel Xeon processors that support modern features such as virtualization
  • Large hard drive storage and memory capacity for great performance now and the storage-hungry needs of tomorrow
  • Reliability features including RAID options and hot-swappable drives, fans, and power supplies
  • Remote management capabilities that work proactively to ensure you get the most out of your system, including uptime

Energy efficiency and quiet operation make the system office-friendly, with a tower form factor that installs almost anywhere. This server does the hard work you need, from CRM and ERP to managing virtual desktops for small call centers, memory-intensive medical imaging, database management, and web server operation. In addition to growth, this system allows local data control to meet HIPAA, FINRA, and other regulations.

The scalable capacity of the standalone Dell T620 Series is also a powerful choice for specialized applications, too. One example is isolating an independent web server in the “DMZ,” or protection zone between corporate infrastructure and internet, where it will provide server space to grow over time. This Dell server also provides an excellent front end for legacy systems in organizations that are still transitioning from older hardware and software and need a workhorse to bridge the gap.

CPU Horsepower and Memory Space for Now and Into the Future

Xeon processors with optional GPUs provide full-featured Intel enterprise-class CPUs with room to add GPU power for compute-intensive applications such as machine learning. Memory capacity is enormous, up to 24 DIMMs for 768GB capacity. The generation of Xeon CPU used in the T620 provides communications and processing advantages such as the Intel QuickPath Interconnect, and support for higher CPU core counts and memory density. It also provides further support for virtualization, a common server application that requires specialized CPU features to operate efficiently and securely.

Onboard Fast, Reliable Storage Expands to Meet Multiuser and Data-Intense Needs

Storage has become one of the more difficult configuration tasks for system designers, considering factors such as drive speed and reliability, interface speed, and capacity. Implementations such as RAID that protect critical data with redundancy require their own disk selection criteria. Fortunately, the T620 series provides up to 32 hot-pluggable drive bays and up to 7 PCIe 3.0 slots that provide high-speed access to external storage resources.

Enterprise-Class Features in a Tower Unit for Small and Medium Businesses

The T620 is designed to meet the performance and CPU feature needs of enterprise-class software in a configuration that can be leveraged for optimal software licensing fees. It offers space for up to 48TB internal storage, a dual port NIC for redundant networking, and 7 PCIe slots for communication and storage connections, plus dual Xeons up to 8 cores each plus 768GB max memory. This amazing capacity provides corporate-style computing in a low-impact unit. RAS (reliability, availability, and serviceability) is also an important part of modern 24/7 servers where downtime must be minimal, and the Dell T620 measures up. Hot-pluggable features such as storage, fans, and power supplies reduce downtime for maintenance. Using hypervisor software such as VMware and Hyper-V can provide failsafe redundancy that works with the T620 to offer the reliability that enterprise customers demand in a compact unit for local use.

System Management Technologies that Empower IT Administrators

Dell provides the latest in monitoring and management technologies. This system has the capability of running management software independently from the operating system. For security, it provides in-band or out-of-band (over the network, or independent of the main network) access to IT administrators using the Dell OpenManage systems management environment. Device health tracking allows system managers to schedule replacement proactively rather than risk running without full redundancy and protection.

Specialized Storage for Speed and Redundant Data Reliability

Software and hardware-based RAID disk configurations using the extensive internal drive capacity provide security for vital company data. Available front-loading, hot-swappable SSD drives offer fast OS boot and operation.

Performing Powerfully Today and Earning Its Place in Your Organization Tomorrow

This is a no-compromise enterprise server system. Selecting the T620-MID3 configuration that meets your needs today can deliver the additional headroom in memory, storage, network, and even CPU capacity to grow for years to come.

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