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Why the ML350G8 Server Series is perfect of today's business

Why the ML350G8 Server Series is Perfect for Today's Small and Medium-Sized Yet Global Business Operation

Positioning Your IT Resources for Enterprise-Class Operations on a Local Scale

Smaller organizations are looking for reliable, easy-to-manage in-house server capacity without the real estate and utility costs that server rooms require. They want high-end equipment that runs powerful virtualization, data analysis, and web server workloads. They need ERP, CRM, and other key enterprise tools. The HP ProLiant ML350p Gen 8 server series works hard to meet these needs and takes few, if any, breaks. It combines features like:

  • Advanced Xeon processor technology
  • Memory for data-hungry applications with room to grow
  • Advanced storage options including all-SSD on-board storage
  • A Smart RAID controller
  • Multiple 1Gb network connections
  • HP remote management features
  • Predictive maintenance alerts

ML350 meets the needs of aggressively growing organizations that are leveraging the latest software technology to capture opportunities. In a tower server format it can go where the action is. It's suitable for:

  • A sophisticated home office
  • Small business with data-heavy users
  • Virtual desktops for a service organization
  • Satellite office of a large company
  • Companies that require local data control due to FINRA, HIPAA, or other regulations

This HP server is perfect for capturing today’s opportunities, whether they’re in digital transformation, data analysis, medical imaging, or simply being ready to scale affordably when business takes off.

Compute Power and Memory Capacity for Today and Tomorrow

The ML350p Gen8 has room for one or two Xeon processors with general purpose GPU unit support for compute-intensive work such as machine learning. The popular server-class Intel Xeon CPU features the Intel QuickPath Interconnect for increased motherboard communication speeds plus support for higher core counts and increased memory density, allowing a huge 768GB of memory capacity. The CPU also has advanced support for virtualization environments such as VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V which require specialized CPU features for efficiently and securely virtualized operation.

Storage Speed and Reliability for a Data-Hungry World

Storage is the defining resource for server performance and reliability. System designers have to consider drive speed and interface speed, reliability, capacity, and form factor. To protect critical data, RAID controllers can use a set of disks to provide redundant storage that allows for drive failure without data loss. ML360p Gen8 servers include a Smart Array RAID controller with cache-based write speed improvements for high-speed, high-reliability storage. This server offers up to 24 hot-pluggable drive bays depending on disk form factor. Nine PCIe 3.0 expansion slots and a 4-port 1GB Ethernet adapter provide access to further storage and communications.

Powerful Enterprise-Class Computing for Small and Medium Businesses

Enterprise-class software requires more than increased horsepower to run, it needs modern reliability, security, and virtualization features not found in desktop systems. The HP ProLiant ML350p Gen8 series provides plentiful internal storage configured to meet performance and capacity needs. It has a quad-port NIC for flexible and redundant networking, and 9 PCIe slots for flexible hardware add-ons. Single or dual Xeon CPUs power the system, and up to 768GB of memory provides corporate-level system capacity that’s easily installed wherever it’s needed. Reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) features make the ML350 a solid 24/7 performer with monitored, hot-pluggable features including storage, fans, and power supplies easily serviced on-the-fly. Combined with today’s reliability-enhanced hypervisor-based software, this system can be part of an organization’s critical operations.

System Management Features that Limit IT Administrator Workload

HP provides monitoring and management features starting with the iLO (lights out) management engine for remote and automated system management and expedited software and firmware upgrades.The HP Active Health System monitors drive health, allowing fast, planned drive replacement for minimal downtime.

Reliability Features for Today’s 24/7 Global Workforce and Economy

Large-scale, incredibly reliable data storage is the backbone of most modern computing environments. In this unit, HP includes a Smart Array RAID controller using the extensive internal drive capacity to provide a base of solid, fast storage. Available SSD drives offer fast operating system boot times and enhanced operation speed. Hot-swappable, redundant components include disks, fans, and power supplies, and allow on-the-fly servicing for minimal downtime.

Maximizes Your Performance Today, and is Ready for What Tomorrow Brings

Selecting an HP ML350p Gen8 configuration with room to grow delivers easy-to-upgrade capacity for:

  • Disk storage
  • Network Speed and Connections
  • Memory
  • CPU and GPU compute and I/O capacity

Great for locally-based or hybrid environments, the HP ML350p Gen8 is an enterprise-class all-in-one server including high performance and high reliability for smaller organizations, with a clear upgrade path built-in.

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