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How do you refurb used Cisco phones?
Refurb Process for Cisco Phones

What is the refurb process for your used Cisco Phones?

Here at CablesAndKits, not only do we sell great products and offer the best customer service you might ever experience online (shameless plug), part of our business revolves around reconditioning used network equipment and giving it a new lease on life. Just because something might not be “new” to you anymore or maybe it doesn't meet your needs any longer, there is still life and functionality in the equipment. It is our job to save and “revitalize” that equipment then to turn around and make it available to someone else that can use it or needs it.

An example of this is the process and care we take with our used Cisco VOIP phones. We put our phones through an extensive process to refurbish and breathe new life into them. Our phones go through a thorough 4 step process (there are many “to-do’s” in each step) to be rejuvenated:

Step 1: Inspection

  • All phones are physically inspected - Our staff is very thorough and picky with their examination of the phones.
  • Any phones with scratches or wear outside of the normal use are rejected from our main product line - As stated before we are very picky and we only want the best for you! Those rejected still get the needed attention, but they are placed gently and quietly in our clearance section.
  • All handsets are disposed of appropriately - We wouldn't want to use them, and we know you wouldn't either.
  • No more ear wax! - Yes, we know this is gross, and we would rather not pass that along to you.

Step 2: Diagnostics and Testing

  • Each phone is booted up and given a stress test to make sure it works correctly - We would rather take the time on the front end to test the phone thoroughly to make sure you do not have any technical issues with the phone. We know your time is very valuable.
  • They are reset back to factory defaults / All settings are cleared - We give the phone a clean slate for you to set up the system to your specifications.

Step 3: Cleaning and Conditioning

  • Phones are physically cleaned to remove any debris - Yes, we are a bunch of neat freaks around here.

  • Stickers, stands, and bezels are replaced where needed - It is a little meticulous, but only the best for our customers!

  • Handsets and cords are replaced with brand new units - Out with the old and in with the new. Plus, you know how aggravating it is when you use a cord that is older and has been all tangled up.

Step 4: Repacking

  • The rejuvenated phones are placed in custom boxes to prevent damage during storage and transportation - We have the phones all packaged up and safe, while waiting for their new homes.

Remember...if you don't help us save the phones, who will? Do your part today!

Our used phone line is only one example of this process. We take these same steps (slightly different depending on the type equipment) in giving new life to all of our used equipment. We view our equipment as being a representative of our business. We want it to be the best it possibly can be and meet your needs without any issues.

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