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Benefits of AOC HDMI Cables

Benefits of AOC HDMI Cables

You see all kinds of different technologies used for the widest ranges of communication. Among all of that, the primary way to send audio and video signals is via HDMI.

It’s a standard that took over the world more than a decade ago, and it still reigns supreme.

Within this form of communication, there are variations and options that you can choose for different levels of performance at different costs. One such option is AOC HDMI.

This is a form of HDMI cable with more advanced guts, so to speak, and those guts provide some important improvements to cable functionality.


What is AOC HDMI? Active optical cable HDMI is an alternative design that enables HDMI communication. The connectors and digital formatting are the same, so both types of cables work with standard HDMI ports and equipment.

The key difference is that traditional HDMI uses copper cables while AOC only uses optical cables.

With this single change, AOC cables gain some important, powerful benefits, and that’s why they are the premier choice for a lot of high-end and specific applications.

In fact, let’s look at those benefits to really understand the value of AOC HDMI.

Longer Distances

The first advantage that stems from optical cables is cable length. Copper HDMI sees attenuation and signal degradation after just 7.5 meters. That’s fine for plenty of applications, but it’s not entirely uncommon for a single high-definition media system to span 10 meters or more — especially when surround sound is involved.

An AOC HDMI cable can easily span distances of 300 meters or more with no significant signal degradation.

Greater Bandwidth

Another advantage is bandwidth. The latest standard of HDMI supports data rates of up to 48 Gbps, and for the highest definitions in video and audio, such rates are necessary.

AOC cables are designed for compatibility with those same rates, but the optical fibers carrying the signal can potentially handle even more bandwidth. As media demands continue to grow, AOC may have to replace copper HDMI in elite applications.

Even now, AOC handles maximum HDMI bandwidth under a wider range of conditions. As already mentioned, they don’t see signal loss over distances of hundreds of meters, supplying greater effective bandwidth in real-world use.

Less Interference

Lastly, AOC HDMI suffers from external interference far less. Specifically, EMI does not pose a significant problem to AOC cables. Since AOC signals don’t degrade from EMI, their overall signal delivery is much more reliable.

In an era where more and more EMI is introduced into virtually all environments, AOC cables can overcome that issue and improve your HDMI quality across the board.

These benefits aren’t surprising when you consider the raw capabilities of optical cables as compared to copper. AOC HDMI is the most powerful form of HDMI today, and as the technology continues to evolve, you will likely see more and more optical cabling.

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