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One of the greatest benefits of owning Cisco equipment is the vast variety of available Cisco modules. These modules provide flexibility and functionality that help reduce cost, decrease downtime, as well as increase capability in equipment you already own.

Why replace an entire switch when all you need is a compatible module to provide you with extra SFP ports, or why replace an entire router when all you need to add is a compatible module with WAN capability? Save money and time by eliminating the need to source and configure new equipment.

Think about this… Would you buy a new house when all you want to do is change the paint color? The same principle applies to Modules. Skip buying a full replacement for just a single feature and explore the adaptable power of modules instead.

Whether it’s a simple fast ethernet card for your 3800 series router or a 48-port switching module for your 6500 series backbone switch, CablesAndKits offers a plethora of solutions to choose from. These options include, but are not limited to NM, WIC, HWIC and VWIC Cards, SFP expansion modules, PVDM cards, switching modules, as well as supervisor engines.

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