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Cisco MDS 9000/9200 Jumper AC Cord, CAB-C15-CBN, 10ft

Model: CAB-C15-CBN-10
Cisco MDS 9000/9200 Jumper AC Cord, CAB-C15-CBN, 10ft
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Quick Specs
Length10 ftColorBlack
Connector 1C14Connector 2C15
ConnectorsC14 - C15AWG14 AWG
JacketSJTUL ListedYes
RoHS CompliantYesSupply EndIEC-60320-C14
Equipment EndIEC-60320-C15BrandCablesAndKits
Region CompatibilityUnited StatesJacket MaterialSJT

CAB-C15-CBN-10 | AC Power Cord | C14 to C15 | 14 AWG | 10 ft | Black

The 10ft Cisco MDS 9000/9200 Jumper AC Cord, CAB-C15-CBN, serves as a vital link in power connectivity. Engineered for Cisco MDS 9000 and 9200 series switches, it enables secure and consistent power distribution. The C15 connector on one end, paired with a standard C14 plug on the opposing side, this power cord ensures reliable connection between network equipment and power sources. Regardless of whether the cords are employed in a simple or densely packed installation, this jumper AC cord's sufficient length offer time and cost savings. By delivering consistent power, it contributes to the smooth operation of data centres and enterprise networks, making it a dependable component in maintaining uninterrupted connectivity.

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Supply End:

C14, or IEC60320-C14, is a 3 prong, male connector commonly used as a PDU supply end and computer power supply. This supply end will fit a C13 receptacle.

Equipment End:

C15, or IEC60320-C15 is a 3 prong, female connector commonly used on the end of computer and networking device power cords. This equipment end looks like the C13 with a notch missing. The C15 can be used in place of the C13 if needed, which makes it more versatile.


  • Equipment end of the power cord is an IEC-60320-C15 female connector
  • Supply end of the power cord is a IEC60320-C14 male connector
  • The power cord has a maximum current rating of 15 amps and can handle up to 250 volts
  • The cord extends to a length of 10 ft
  • Ideal for power cord and computer cable extension


  • Cisco MDS 9000 switches
  • Cisco MDS 9200 switches
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