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The CK Way

The perfect candidates for our team

It is important that anyone with an interest in joining us BE these things. If they are not, they shouldn't squander precious weeks or months of their life trying- it won't work, and we will not compromise. We are a place where highly motivated, ferociously intense but humble, smart, creative, high energy, scrappy, and innovative people gather together to do great things.

Integrity. Intelligence. Initiative.:

We choose to do what's right even at personal or corporate sacrifice. We believe that if we "Do the right things, the money will come". We focus on "what should be", not necessarily what will generate revenue or beat the competition. We value quick-minded and logical thinkers who recognize there is no substitute for mental horsepower. Our motors are always running and constantly looking for ways to contribute. We neither worry about roles nor wait to be told. We see what needs to be done, and we do it.

Curious & Insatiable:

We wonder why things do or don't work. We probe qualitative and quantitative data to achieve penetrating insights. Good is not good enough. We consistently challenge the status quo, anticipate problems, dig deep to find root causes, and willingly drive change. We are content but never satisfied- Yet comfortable with routine processes.


Always pushing forward-leveraging technology; We don't idolize solutions. We believe there is always a better, faster, or cheaper way; so we constantly seek to drive out waste, increase throughput, capture opportunities, and create new realities. We apply system thinking to identify and remove bottlenecks that restrain us. We consciously strive to make new ideas operational.

Creative Discipline:

We are Disciplined People engaged in Disciplined Thought resulting in Disciplined Action. We build firm foundations. We execute any process the best way we know until we find a better way...and then we adopt that better way. We know that operational excellence arises from attention to a 1,000 little things. We permanently solve temporary problems. We don't make endless lists where things go to die. We just see what needs to be done, and we do it.

Nimble. Now.:

We respond quickly to external changes and move quickly to capitalize upon opportunities. An entrepreneurial, startup attitude pervades our actions. We bring an urgency and action-orientation to everything we do. We believe in a spirit of "no time like now" manner; so we go straight to who can solve our problems, the moment we have them.


We are resourceful, opportunistic, and gritty problem solvers. When something is wrong we willingly own it. We prevail (not just survive). We bring a farmer work ethic and ferocious intensity to any activity. We are fond of competing and find a way--often piecing together solutions from odds and ends. We are equally important and act like it. We have few or no titles and behave in non-corporate ways. We will often outsource before we in-source.

High Leverage:

We focus on activities with the potential to create large, positive outcomes. We willingly spend large sums of money on things that improve efficiency or capability. We are generous with our time, money, and talent.

Iterative Improvement:

We accelerate the pace of learning by liberally using experiments and embracing the principle of "Minimum Viable Products" (or MVP). We embrace "failing forward." We don't let perfection restrain progress. We focus first on solving problems and then deal with the resulting inefficiencies. We walk in the light that we have. We reinvest profits heavily in growing for the future. It's not about the money, but money should be a result of us doing the right things.

Fearless & Irreverent:

We willingly "face the brutal facts"; Bring a can-do spirit to any challenge and confront issues constructively; We fight our own battles and do not hesitate to challenge anything and anyone to fight for what's right. We discuss most everything in an open forum.


Committed to lifelong learning; We seek first to understand and purposefully grow and develop both personally and professionally. We seek to positively impact the lives of those with whom we come in contact. We embrace application and accountability as necessary elements of attaining expertise and eventually wisdom.