Introducing: MTP® & MPO Fiber Cables

  • The ever increasing demands on networks and data centers has resulted in some incredible innovations over the years. One such innovation was the development of MPO (Multifiber Push-On) cables. These unique cables are a combination of MPO connectors and fiber optic cables, and they were designed to increase bandwidth, density, flexibility, and reliability of networks by providing multifiber connectivity in one connector. We are excited to introduce our new line of MTP® and MPO Fiber cables.



Before diving into the details of MPO and MTP® connectors, it's important to understand the distinction between the two. "MPO" Stands for "Multifber Push-On" while "MTP" stands for "Multifiber Termination Push-On". Functionally speaking, both MPO and MTP® connectors operate the same way. These connectors are attached to fiber cables that contain multiple strands of fiber within a single jacket, allowing for increased bandwidth and performance. So, why do these connectors go by two different names?

While they operate similarly, MTP® is a branded high-performance connector manufactured by US Conec. MTP® connectors do feature some subtle design enhancements that help in reducing wear, lowering insertion loss, and improving optimal signal performance. MTP® cables can be used side by side in a network along with MPO cables and many people use the terms "MPO" and "MTP®" interchangeably because the products are so similar. In simple terms, all MTP® is MPO, but not all MPO is MTP®.


Benefits of MPO & MTP® Fiber Cables & Connectors

Our MPO & MTP® line of fiber cables were designed with high-quality, precision-built connectors that create a secure connection every time.
These fiber cables can be used to create high-speed interconnections for a variety of applications including:

  • Expanding capacity within an existing 10G network

  • Migrating a network from a 10G network to a 40G or 100G network

  • Creating a connection between two 40G or 100G devices

  • Creating a connection between a set of optical distribution racks


Reduces Cable Congestion

Our MPO cables reduce cable congestion by packing 12 strands of high quality optical fiber into a single cable. This makes them perfect for space-constrained environments where you need to facilitate a high volume of fiber. Reduced congestion makes them easier to manage than traditional fiber.

High-Density Applications

MPO cables allow for increased density by packing multiple strands of fiber into a single cable. Our 12 strand MPO connectors offer up to 12 times the density of standard connectors, providing significant space and cost savings. Perfect for high density applications.


MPO cables are easy to deploy thanks to their simple plug-and-play design. They come pre-terminated with MPO connectors so you save time in the field making for quicker and easier installations.

MPO Connector Components

MPO connectors are made with many intricate components including a cable boot, crimp band, spring push, spring, female pin spacer or male pin clamp assembly, ferrule/boot kit, housing, and dust cap. Several of these are distinct visible components that can help to determine the functionality and appropriate application of the cables. These components include:

  • Key Position

  • Number of Strands

  • Alignment Pins/Sockets



Strand Count

Our MPO cables come with 12 strands of high-quality fiber. These versatile cables can be utilized in applications that use all 12 strands. They can also be utilized in situations that require just 8 strands (such as use with QSFP+ transceiver modules). In these situations, the middle 4 lanes will not be used while the outer 8 strands will submit signal.


MPO cables come in one of two genders: male or female. Determining which gender of cable you have is simple. Gender is determined by the pins and receptacles.

  • Male MPO cables feature alignment pins on the end of the connector

  • Female MPO cables feature sockets without alignment pins

  • Always make sure you are using a male to female connection

  • Female cables are the perfect choice for QSFP+ transceivers which have alignment pins built into them




Because MPO cables contain multiple fiber strands within a single jacket, there are several different polarity types available. Polarity refers to the positioning of the fiber strands and the direction that the signal travels along those fibers. The type of polarity you need will depend on your specific application, but Type B is one of the most commonly used polarity types thanks to it's ability to be used to create direct connections between QSFP/QSFP+ transceivers.

MPO Connectors Explained

Want to learn more about MPO connectors? Check out our video to get all the important details and learn what makes these connectors so great!

Be sure to also check out our Learning Center for additional articles breaking down everything you need to know about MPO connectors!


MPO Essentials

Our MPO Essentials line is an excellent choice for getting started with MPO cables. These cables provide increased bandwidth and performance while keeping costs low.


MTP® Cables

Our line of MTP® cables feature high performance US Conec MTP® Elite connectors to give you the ultimate in functionality and reliability. These cables also feature Corning ClearCurve® Fiber for optimized performance, a floating ferrule design that ensures the integrity of fiber contact, removable housing, and a OFNP jacket.


MPO Accessories & Tools

OM3 MPO/MTP Cassette Module
12 Fiber | LC Duplex | Multimode LGX

OM3 MPO/MTP Cassette Module | Multimode | 12 Fiber | LC Duplex | LGX Footprint

Condition: New


Cisco Original 40GBase-SR4 QSFP+ Transceiver Module

Cisco 40GBase-SR4 QSFP+ Transceiver Module | Hot Swappable | Lifetime Warranty

Condition: Refurbished


OM3 MPO/MTP Cassette Module
24 Fiber | LC Duplex | Multimode LGX

OM3 MPO/MTP Cassette Module | Multimode | 24 Fiber | LC Duplex | LGX Footprint

Condition: New



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