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Kendall Howard and CablesAndKits Partnership

High Quality Products Made in the U.S.A.

Kendall Howard products are proudly made here in the U.S.A. They have decades of experience along with expertise and passion to support IT Professionals from concept to delivery. CablesAndKits is a Premier Partner of Kendall Howard’s which brings the American-Made products directly to CK Customers at a low-price. Kendall Howard’s quality with the CablesAndKits level of service is the perfect pair.
Kendall Howard 12U V-Line Fixed Wall Rack
Wall Mount Hardware

Whether you need an open design or a solution to vertically mount your networking equipment, Kendall Howard has manufactured that product. These Wall Mount Products are extremely durable but allow for a low-cost answer to whatever your situation calls for. If you have one switch or a dozen, we have the racking solution for you.

Kendall Howard 41U 4 Post Open Frame Rack

Any racking solution you need, we have it. There is a wide-array of racking solutions available to allow you full control over your project. Open racks, 2-post or 4-post, adjustable, the list goes on. As Kendall Howard puts it, “The answer is yes, now what is the question?” Take a look at the selection of racking available and get exactly what you need.

Kendall Howard 24" Work Bench With Upper and Full Bottom Shelf
LAN Stations

Kendall Howard’s LAN Stations come with a modular design the supreme durability. You can choose from the current array of models or Build Your Own LAN Station. These designs are multi-functional and customizable to make sure all your needs are met. Take a look at the variety of 2-post and 4-post solutions available.

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New Products from Kendall Howard
Kendall Howard Desktop CPU Wall Mount Shelf

Kendall Howard Desktop CPU Wall Mount Shelf


Kendall Howard 1U Vented 4-Point Adjustable Shelf

Kendall Howard 1U Vented 4-Point Adjustable Shelf


Kendall Howard 8U Wall Mount Rack

Kendall Howard 8U Wall Mount Rack


Kendall Howard - The answer is yes, what’s the question?

Kendall Howard’s reputation is based on quality. They have been making custom manufactured products for decades. They are more than just contract manufacturing, though. The Kendall Howard process is comprehensive and reduces the need for multiple vendors, so the entire process happens in-house in Minnesota.