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Filler Panels / Spacer Blank

Filler panels and rack mount spacers may seem like trivial pieces of hardware, only useful for covering an empty space in your IT equipment rack. These apparently simple products serve multiple important purposes: they improve air circulation for your equipment, reduce access for dust and contaminants, and add stability to your rack. Of these, perhaps the biggest benefit of using rack filler panels is redirecting hot exhaust air away from equipment and helping to optimize the flow of cool air.

We carry dozens of filler panels and rack mount spacers, suitable for a wide range of rack units. If you aren't sure which panel or blank is right for your needs, call our Customer Care team at 888-622-0223 or use our online contact form. Computer equipment generates a large amount of heat; promoting a clean, cool environment with rack mount filler panels can help ensure a long, healthy life for your devices.

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Kendall Howard 6U Snap-In Flat Spacer Blank
Kendall Howard 6U Snap-In Flat Spacer Blank
Model #: 1901-1-101-06 Condition: New
10 in stock Ships: Today
10 in stock - Ships Today
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