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Cisco Aironet 1130, 1140, 1240, 1300 Series Power Supply, Refurbished, Original

Model: AIR-PWR-B
Cisco Aironet 1130, 1140, 1240, 1300 Series Power Supply, Refurbished, Original
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CAB-AC AC Power Cord - US, Cisco Compatible, 6ft, Black [recommended]
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Quick Specs
SeriesAironet 1130TypeDesktop
Equipment TypeAironet Access PointsPower Rating100/240 VAC

Cisco AIR-PWR-B | Power Supply | Aironet 1130, 1140, 1240, 1300 Series

Put the power back where it belongs…in your network. Use our Cisco Aironet 1130, 1140, 1240, 1300 Series Power Supply and feel the difference for yourself. Our power supplies will help keep your operation running efficiently. We individually bag and label every one of your purchases so you can easily store and identify your Cisco accessories.

CK Certified Badge


  • AIR-AP1131AG-x-K9
  • AIR-LAP1131AG-x-K9
  • AIR-AP1131G-x-K9
  • AIR-LAP1142N-x-K9
  • AIR-LAP1141N-x-K9
  • AIR-AP1142N-x-K9
  • AIR-AP1141N-x-K9
  • AIR-AP1242AG-x-K9
  • AIR-LAP1242AG-x-K9
  • AIR-AP1242G-x-K9
  • AIR-LAP1242G-x-K9
  • AIR-BR1310G-x-K9
  • AIR-LAP1310G-x-K9
  • AIR-BR1310G-x-K9-R
  • AIR-LAP1310G-x-K9-R
  • AIR-LAP1262N-x-K9
  • AIR-LAP1261N-x-K9
  • AIR-AP1262N-x-K9
  • AIR-AP1261N-x-K9
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