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Model #: PM4D-LCLC-01-5PK

1m LC-LC OM4 Corning Multimode Duplex 50/125 Fiber Optic Cable, 5 Pack

1m LC-LC OM4 Corning Multimode Duplex 50/125 Fiber Optic Cable, 5 Pack
CablesAndKits Premium 40 Gigabit OM4 Multimode Duplex 50/125 Corning Fiber Optic Patch Cable with LC to LC connectors - 1 Meter, 5 Pack. Bundle and Save with our 5 Packs & 10 Packs! All Fiber Cables come with a Lifetime Warranty!
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1 Meter | Premium LC-LC OM4 Fiber Optic Cable | Multimode Duplex | Corning Fiber | 40/100 Gigabit | LSZH Jacket | 50/125 | Standard Connector | 5 Pack

Corning Optical Fiber Glass

All of our premium cables are made with Corning ultra-pure glass fibers which ensure the highest degree of strength and purity to give you low attenuation and low signal loss for your whole network. Corning leads the industry in product quality and innovation, and we have brought these strengths into our premium cables.

Bend Insensitive Fiber (BIMMF)

Our premium OM4 fiber cables were created with those challenging fiber runs and environments in mind. Bend insensitive fiber (BIF) will transmit light with minimal loss even with bending and twisting beyond the normal bend radius of basic fiber cables. The ring of refraction material around the glass reflects light that is lost back into the core.

LSZH Jacket Material

The Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) jacket material provides you with the safest cabling environment by reducing the amount of toxic and corrosive gas that could be emitted when exposed to extreme heat or during combustion.

Ultra Physical Contact (UPC) Polish

With the Ultra Physical Contact Connectors, these fiber cables will give lower Optical Return Loss (ORL) and Back Reflection than standard PC connectors giving you more reliable signals for data, digital, and telephony applications.

Simple Polarity Reversible Function

These OM4 cables allow you to quickly reverse polarity while in the field without the use of any special tools to ensure the correct fiber mapping for optimal data transmission, with fewer cables, in your high-speed, high-density data center space.

2.0mm Unibody Cable

With a smaller fiber cable footprint (2.0mm compared to regular fiber cables at 3.0mm), these cables will allow you to optimize your high-density data center environment for better airflow, cooling, and cable management.

Quick Specs:

Core Material Corning Optical Fiber
Cladding Size 125 Micron
Core Size 50 Micron
Mode Multimode
Optical Mode OM4
Max Attenuation @ 850nm 2.8dB/km
Max Attenuation @ 1300nmnm 1.0dB/km
Insertion Loss: 0.2dB or lower
Return Loss: 35db or higher
Polish Type UPC (Ultra Physical Contact)
Bend Insensitive Yes
Color Aqua
Jacket Material LSZH
Jacket Size 2.0mm
Fiber Strands Duplex
Ferrules Ceramic
Connection Types Standard, Push-Pull Tab, & Uniboot

CablesAndKits' branded Premium OM4 fiber optic cables are made with Corning optical fiber glass cables and are designed with superior quality to run your network with the highest performance and reliability. With a 2.0mm outer LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) jacket, an even safer alternative to only OFNR riser rated cables, these cables are designed to provide the highest protection for businesses, people, and equipment in case of being exposed to high sources of heat, flames, or corrosion. This cable was built to for your network to experience lower data transmission loss through less attenuation loss and disruption.

These laser-optimized multimode, 50/125 fiber cables are the correct choice for longer distance and challenging cabling runs. The cables are thinner than basic fiber cables and copper patch cords and they are immune to EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) making them perfect for riser runs and uplink cables. With the high durability, safety and performance you can trust these OM4 cables to deliver the efficiency and peace of mind that you need for your business.

Our premium fibers cables have been tested and meet the standards for fire rating (OFNR), Riser Rating, IEC, Telcordia, UL and RoHS.

Premium OM4 Fiber Boot Types:

Our premium OM4 fiber cables come in 3 connector types - Standard, Uniboot, and Uniboot Push-Pull Tab.

The standard connector OM4 fiber cables provide you with the normal fiber cable experience with a high quality, unibody connector with the ability to reverse polarity when needed.

OM4 high-density uniboot / unibody fiber optic cables have two fibers carried through a single jacket with a lower profile boot, reducing the size and surface area of the cables when compared to standard fiber optic cables, but continuing to provide the reliable performance from industry standard connectors. Uniboot fiber cables reduce cable management requirements and allow for better airflow. The smaller "short boot" connector on our premium fiber cables makes it easy to reverse the polarity of the cables when needed.

High-density push-pull tab connector OM4 fiber optic cables have a special tab that will allow easy insertion and removal of the connector without the need to access the boot or connector. The slim, low profile uniboot design allows this high-density installation cabling to be used with minimal cable management and save space in your network setup. These fiber cables have the same type of short boot connector as the regular uniboot/unibody cables, but with the push-pull tab, still allowing you to reverse the polarity when needed.

Your Premium Fiber Cable Toolkit

General Fiber Cabling Videos:

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Warranty Lifetime Warranty
Condition New
Mode Multimode
Fiber Strands Duplex
OM Rating OM4
Core Size 50 Micron
Cladding Size 125 Micron
Fire Rating ONFR
Polish Type UPC (Ultra Physical Contact)

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