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Do You Need The Latest Server?
Do I need the latest server?

Do I Need The Latest Server?

Data centers aren’t cheap. Just the cost of power requirements for keeping your equipment running can be staggering. Adding the cost of new servers can often feel like too much. If you have high demands and a tight budget, you need a way to get more power and performance for every dollar spent. For most applications, the easiest way to do this is to look at refurbished servers and parts.

The Iterative Cycle of Technology

Computer hardware is an interesting market. Over time, consumers tend to get more value for each dollar spent, but used goods still drop in price like a used car. It all boils down to the iterative process of developing technology. Every year, newer and better parts are released, but they rarely provide dramatic improvements over the previous generation. Here’s an easy example. The first 3.0 GHz processor was the Pentium 4 released in 2003. Today, many servers are running 3.0 GHz processors. Even at the highest end, you’re looking at 5.0 GHz clock speeds. That’s an improvement of 67 percent in 15 years. That means on average, computer components are gaining less than five-percent performance every year.

Now, there is more to a processor than just the clock speed, but overall the rate holds true. Last year’s processor can do all of the same work as this year’s. It’s only every several years that a real breakthrough happens.

Server Lifespan

So, buying refurbished lets you save money and have parts that are comparable to something brand new, but performance isn’t the only consideration. Servers work hard, and you need something that will last. Well, there’s good news on that front too. Most high-end servers are built to last 5 to 10 years. Despite that, elite data centers (like Google) like to rotate their equipment on a cycle of two to three years. You can buy a refurbished server with seven or more years left on its shelf life that can still hang with brand new equipment.

Modular Technology

If you were just buying refurbished servers as is, you could save a lot of money without sacrificing performance, but the modular nature of servers gives you a lot more opportunity. Data centers have to adapt and adjust hardware on a daily basis. This has led to server design that is easily tweaked and customized. This gives you the freedom to upgrade components instead of entire servers. That can extend the life, value and performance of your refurbished equipment. Best of all, those modular parts can also be refurbished.

In truth, there are few applications that require a brand-new server. Even the most stressed and taxed data centers on the planet are running equipment that is an average of two to three years old. If your demands are any less than this, you can maximize your return on investment by purchasing refurbished.

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