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CK Care: Third Party Maintenance

  • Join the growing number of businesses embracing the future of IT support by leveraging the power of Third Party Maintenance (TPM). CK Care TPM is a dynamic solution to help keep your network running smoothly, all while saving you time, money, and frustration.

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CK Care Third Party Maintenance

Step into a new era of cost effective and flexible network maintenance with CablesAndKits CK Care. Don't get stuck with overpriced and stiff OEM contracts that keep you boxed in and can't provide flexible or creative solutions to meet your network needs. We're changing the paradigm of maintenance with our comprehensive solution: CK Care.

Cost Savings

Unlock incredible savings with CK Care Third Party Maintenance. Unlike OEM's who charge an exorbitant amount, we offer significantly lower pricing allowing you to rest easy knowing your network is secure, while saving on your budget.

Unmatched Flexibility

Unlike stiff OEM contracts, CK Care can give you the coverage you need on the terms that you need it. We offer standard 1 Year contracts of either 24x7x365 or 8x5xNBD support, but can write custom contracts to meet your unique needs!

Trusted Experts

With CK Care, you get access to our team of highly skilled experts who are on standby to help diagnose and resolve any network issues. Our team is made up of certified engineers who have the skills and knowledge needed to address your unique challenges.

Comprehensive Coverage

Our all encompassing solution ensures you've got the coverage and support you need, when you need it.

Fast Response Time

When it comes to keeping your network up and running, time is of the essence. With CK Care you get a quick response every time.

Support for Various Manufacturers

Our certified engineers are equipped to provide support for networks comprised of any major OEM. From Cisco to Aruba and everything in between, you'll have the support you need.

CK Care vs. OEM Support

When it comes to choosing between TPM or OEM support for your network, there are some major considerations to keep in mind. With CK Care you get:

  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Fast & Friendly Service
  • Flexibility & Scalability
  • Network Monitoring
  • 24/7 Support Hotline
  • Certified Engineers

CK Care vs. OEM Support

CK Care OEM Support
Significant cost savings (up to 70% cheaper than OEM support) Expensive coverage due to brand premium, high overhead costs, and more
Flexible contract terms tailored to meet your unique needs Stiff contracts with fixed terms and little room for customization
Variety of Service Levels including 24x7x365 or 8x5xNBD support Standard or extended warranty support
Simplicity of maintenance agreement for multi-vendor hardware support Separate agreements to manage with each OEM
Support for EOSL devices helping to extend life of devices No support for EOSL devices

Where Does Third Party Maintenance Fit?

Third Party Maintenance is an attractive option for devices that are at least 3 years old, and is the only option for devices that have reached EOSL.


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Supported OEMs

CK Care offers support for all major OEMs including:

  • Cisco
  • Brocade
  • Dell
  • HPE
  • Nortel

Support Portfolio: Servers

  • Cisco: UCS X, B, C, S
  • Dell: PowerEdge Blade, PowerEdge Servers, VRTX
  • Fujitsu: PrimePower
  • HPE: Apollo 2000, 4500, 6000, DL Series (DL140, 145, 320, 360, 380, 560, 580, 585, 740, 760), Integrity, ML Series (ML110, 330, 350, 370, 530, 570), NetServer, P4000, PA-RISC, ProLiant and Integrity Blads
  • IBM: AS400, I Series, Netfinity, P Series, X Series, Z Series
  • Lenovo: ThinkServer, ThinkSystems
  • SUN/Oracle: Netra, SPARC, SunFire, X - X86 Series
  • Supermicro: Super Server

Support Portfolio: Storage

  • Dell EMC: Atmos, Avamar, Celerra NAS Gateway, Celera NAS Integrate, CLARiiON, Compellent, DataDomain Appliance, DataDomain Gateway, DL Appliances, Equallogic, Equallogic Blade Arrays, Isilon, PowerVault, Recoverpoint, Symmetrix DMX / V-Max, Unity, VNX, VxRack, VxRail
  • Hitachi: AMS, SVP, USP, USP-V, VSP
  • HPE: 3PAR F200, 3PAR F400, 3PAR FT800, 3 PAR V800, 3PAR 7000 Series, 3PAR 8000 Series, 3PAR 10000 Series, ESL E-Series, EVA, LeftHand, Nimble, StorageWorks MSA, StoreEasy, StoreOnce, SureStore, XP Disk System
  • IBM: Total Storage Disks, XIV, System Storage DS Series, System Storage N Series, EXP Series, TS Series Tape Libraries
  • NetApp: AFF, E Series, FAS Series, V Series
  • Nexsan: GX4, E18, SASBOY, SATABeast
  • Quantum: 100, 24, L Libraries, M Libraries (M1500, M1800, M2500), P Libraries (P1000, P2000, P3000, P4000, P7000, P9000), i500, i2000, Scalar, Superloader 3, Value Loader, i500, i40/i80

Support Portfolio: Networking

  • Brocade:: DS-220B, DS-4100, DS-4900, DS-5000, DS-5100, ED-12000B, ED-24000B, ED-48000B, Routers, Switches
  • Cisco: ASA 55xx-X; MX-XXX, Cisco Phones (all), Enterprise - Routing (4000 ISR, 800 ISR, Catalyst 6500, CSR, NCS 6000), Enterprise - Switching (Catalyst Series), Routing (ASR, Nexus), Security - Firewall (ASA 55xx, Sonicwall)
  • Dell: Force10 N, Z, and S Series, Powerconnect
  • EMC: Connectrix, MDS
  • HPE: Aruba, ProCurve
  • Juniper: Directors, Routers, Switches
  • Nortel: Directors, Routers, Switches

CK Care: How It Works

Resolving your network issues with CK Care could not be easier

5 Easy Steps:

  • Open a ticket via phone, e-mail, or portal

  • Support team immediately begins gathering info to diagnose and attempt to resolve your issue

  • If escalation is required,

  • 4GB Flash

  • 4GB DRAM

Shop 2960-X Switches with CK Care

24 Data Ports | Modular Uplinks
Network Essentials

Cisco Catalyst 9200 Series Switch with 24 Data Ports, Modular Uplinks, and 160 Gbps of Stacking Bandwidth.


48 Data Ports | 4x10G SFP+ Uplinks
Network Essentials

Cisco Catalyst 9200 Series Switch with 48 Data Ports, 4x10G SFP+ Uplinks, and 80 Gbps of Stacking Bandwidth.


48 Ports | PoE+ | 4x10G SFP+ Uplinks
Network Essentials

Cisco Catalyst 9200 Series Switch with 48 Ports with full PoE+, 4x10G SFP+ Uplinks, and 80 Gbps of Stacking Bandwidth.



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