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OS2 Singlemode Fiber Patch Cables

OS2 Singlemode cables are the best fiber choice for outdoor and burial use due to their internal construction and ability to transmit over long distances. With a thinner core that only allows for one wave of light to be carried, OS2 Singlemode cables are typically more stable and have less distortion than multimode options. Our Corning OS2 fiber optic cables, with Corning glass and LSZH jackets, will give you the increased safety and reliability that you need. Our OS2 Singlemode Duplex cable comes in a variety of lengths, connectors, and polish types.

If you need help finding the right OS2 Singlemode cable or other solution to fit your network, give us a call or chat with us today. Our Fiber Cable Experts are here to help!

Recommended By Our Experts

2 Meters LC-LC OS2 Fiber Patch Cable, 9/125 Singlemode Duplex



1 Meter LC-LC OS2 Fiber Patch Cable, 9/125 Singlemode Duplex



5m LC-LC OS2 Corning Singlemode Duplex 9/125 Fiber Optic Cable



24 Port LC Single-Mode OS2 Fiber Patch Panel Bundle



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Fiber Optics Articles & Info

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