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Cat6 Ethernet Cables

High-quality Ethernet cables are critical for keeping your business running. When you buy Cat6 patch cables from CablesAndKits, you not only get well-made, reliable cables at terrific prices, you'll find the selection and features that you need for your network. Cat6 Ethernet cables deliver the speed that your network requires and that your users deserve. Our Cat6 cable options include Shielded to Unshielded, Standard Boot, Easyboot (Ferrari-style), and Slim Run Ethernet. We carry Cat6 Ethernet patch cables in a variety of colors, lengths, and boot types to meet your needs, no matter the demands of your network. Be sure to check out our Easyboot patch cables with the straightforward connect/disconnect boot that makes managing your network patch cables super simple.

If you need help finding the right Cat6 patch cord or other Ethernet cables, or can't find what you are looking for, please call us or chat with one of our Ethernet Experts today!

Recommended By Our Experts:

5ft Blue CAT6 Ethernet Patch Cables, Easyboot (Ferrari-style)



10ft Black Cat6 Slim Ethernet Patch Cable, Snagless



3ft Blue Non-Booted CAT6 Ethernet Patch Cable



15ft Gray Shielded CAT6 Ethernet Patch Cable, Snagless Boot



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