Merry Switchmas: Deck the Racks with Lots of Switches
Customer Feedback

Ted N.
Amazing service! Amazing people! I would seriously buy groceries from them if they sold them!

Amanda S.
I really think you all need to brag more about taking orders until 8pm EST. Especially to your customers here in Georgia. Corey has saved our rumps a couple of times now with some late stuff. Seriously though, when it comes down to the wire, CAT5 or otherwise, knowing that you guys are open and LOCAL is HUGE!!! And I just noticed…Experts in Awesome? Yup, I can agree with that!

Mark K.
I just have to say that, without any doubt, CablesAndKits is fantastic. Fast order fulfillment and great products equals completely satisfied customer. So, thank you!

John M.
I discovered your company about a month ago when I started ordering things for my home networking lab. I wish I knew about you guys from the beginning because your store turned out to be the best place I have ever purchased from. Not only is your online site in perfect order, but your products are amazing and top of the line. I must say that I have ordered many things online before, and you ship things faster than anyone I have ever done business with. I appreciate your company\'s hard work, and I will be a loyal customer for as long as I need networking equipment. Thanks guys!

Anthony G.
I’m happy to say that the customer service and quality of the products was top notch. I spoke with one of the representatives who guided me through my purchase and was able to help me obtain exactly what I needed. I looked at other vendors for the products, and no one had the low price and high quality that you have. I look forward to doing more business with you.

John H.
The product came in much faster than expected, in good shape, well packaged and complete with everything you said it would. Even a nice little bonus of M&Ms!! I have already spread the word to a few of my friends looking for equipment. Again, great job and I look forward to working with you in the near future.

Brandon D.
My last order was for a hard to find Cisco part which I needed for a project deadline. CablesAndKits not only had it in stock and for a great price, but shipped same day and it arrived by 8:30am the next morning without issue. CablesAndKits is awesome!

Tony R.
Cables and Kits service was great! I called them and ordered as soon as I knew what I needed. They even sent candy! I will definitely buy again! Keep doing what you guys are doing!

Jeff T.
Everything arrived well packaged and with candy!! The world certainly seems like a smaller, friendlier place when transactions like this go so smoothly. Awesome service!

Steve M.
We do not have a huge budget, but EVERY time I need stuff, we are buying from you guys - thanks!! I must say, I am very proud of our rack!