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Cisco Shelf Bracket System for 6X00 / 5X00 (and others)

Cisco Shelf Bracket System for 6X00 / 5X00 (and others)
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CK-CRSHELF | Cisco 6X00/5505 | Shelf Bracket System

The Cisco Shelf Bracket System supports and mounts shelves securely to a wall or other vertical surfaceS. It typically consists of brackets, which are attached to the wall, and shelf boards that rest on top of the brackets. The shelf bracket system provides stability and weight-bearing capacity for the shelves.

The shelve bracket is compatible with the WS-C6X09-RACK, WS-C5599, WS-C6X09-RACK, WS-C6X06-RACK, WS-C6513-RACK, and others. This is the shelf system ONLY and a complete kit can be searched and ordered from our store.

The shelf bracket system includes an L-shaped bracket with a horizontal shelf support arm and a vertical arm that attaches to the wall. The bracket allows flexibility in shelf placement and height adjustment. They have multiple slots or holes that enable the shelf to be positioned at different heights. It also includes two shelves that can be mounted on the brackets easily with the help of the screws also provided in the shelving system.

When installing a shelf bracket system, kindly follow the manufacturer instructions and use appropriate tools and hardware, as they are crucial for ensuring a secure and stable installation.


  • Shelf bracket system model no: CK-CRSHELF
  • Compatible with WS-C5599, WS-C6X09, WS-C6X06, WS-C6513-RACK- units
  • The kit only includes the shelving system.
  • Best to be used with the Cisco 5500 series.
  • The weight of the shelving unit is 7.92 lbs


  • WS-C6X09-RACK
  • WS-C5599
  • WS-C6X09-RACK
  • WS-C6X06-RACK
  • WS-C6513-RACK
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Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
Condition: New
Weight: 7.92 lbs
Series Cisco 5500
Equipment Type Cisco Switches
Brand CablesAndKits
Cisco Shelf Bracket System for 6X00 / 5X00 (and others) $58.99
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