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Customer Feedback

Glenn T.
I am one of those silent long time CablesAndKits supporters - I have deployed infrastructure in 3 different continents over the past 6 years, all using CablesAndKits cabling. I have never been let down! Thanks!

Duane K.
Thank you so much for your amazing customer service. Customer service really does produce loyal customers. You know what they say, loyal customers aren\'t gained through perfection or never making mistakes but rather through fixing the mistakes that enviably will happen. Five years ago I was in need of a patch panel and patch cables and my boss at the time, Michael at Kansas State University, highly recommend Cables and Kits and you have always been the first place I check before purchasing any networking supplies. Thanks again!

Vladi T.
Love this this website! Affordable prices and easy to navigate. Contacted sales to exchange a few things - had this taken care of in no time!

Dan A.
Absolutely one of, if not the best, server room equipment vendors that I have come across in my 25 years in the business.

Justin K
Back in 2007 I spent thousands of dollars having phone and network cable run through my building. Between the cost and the issues I vowed never again. I have since wired three locations. I had never done it before and I could never have done it without the help of the people at cablesandkits.com. They gave me wiring diagrams in advance and walked me through the cables, tools, jacks, connectors, patch panels and blocks we would need. In short they made what I thought would be confusing and expensive into a project that was affordable and easy. They even had a guy that used to do it for a living spend an hour on the phone with me the first time. They even send me chocolate with every order -seriously a bag of candy!

Its so fun to get the package and have people fight over who gets to open it and get the goodies inside...not the product, but the M&M s and stickers! :)

Jon M
When I was looking on the \\\\\\\'net for adjustable rails for my server I was pleasantly surprised at how fast I received them but I was even more impressed with the customer service. The day I ordered them I received a phone call from the company asking if there was anything else I needed and if what I ordered was what I needed. They were very friendly on the phone and it made me want to buy more just because of how nice they seemed. When the rails arrived they fit perfectly in my 1/2 rack at the data center and now my servers aren\\\\\\\'t stacked on top of each other :-)

Phoenix T
I prefer to order cables for electronic components from CablesAndKits because they sell quality products at competitive prices. I have always received my purchase in a timely fashion. I also appreciate the small package of M&Ms they include with shipments (I sure hope they are still doing this!)

Chris A
CablesAndKits is a great place to purchase lab equipment. They do not always have better prices than ebay sellers. But you can bet you will get a solid and WORKING device in your order. I have never had any problems with them in the multiple purchases I have made.

Vic T
CK provides amazing low price but reliable Cisco products.

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